Monday, March 31, 2014

Capturing a moment in time with photography

Vivian Maier Photographer | Official website of Vivian Maier | Vivian Maier Portfolios, Prints, Exhibitions, Books and documentary film

I just LOVE her photographs, so inspiring. I would love to be able to capture the essence of a time and place like that. 
Here is my humble attempt, although I can't resist playing with my photos and let the colour of the taxi remain. It was one of those drab grey days and the taxi cab colours were so bright and cheery it made me smile. This was taken outside Tesco Gateshead, England in 2006. Not that long ago, but the buildings are gone now to make way for the new Trinity Square Centre.
Law's Herbal Supplies and Sarsaparilla Bar (we called it sasparella) is now shut down after a 100 years of being in business.
 ps. if you noticed the spelling, Cyder is not misspelled. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old Doll

The sun was shining on her, and her eyes were closed and I wondered whose loving hands once held her, cradled her, loved her and played with her. Now she is mine and she is missing her arms, her legs, but she is still loved and she still holds all the promise and dreams that little girls imagine. 

Journey to Bone of Contention

Reconstituting Old Art

Originally the patchwork started out as a small abstract painting on canvas, which really didn't work for me, in fact I hated it. So I cut it up and played with the pieces and decided I liked the patchwork much better.

painted version and embroidery version.

"Bone of Contention"

Embroidery and collage on muslin

I think this one is just about finished, save a minor detail.

Thrift Store Art Renewed
I have seen this done many years ago and always meant to play with the idea.
Maybe I will go and pick something up next week at the thrift store eh!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Summer Window Abstract Painting

abstract painting flower
Can you tell I am ready for summer!

Today I went for a critique at the Yellow Springs Arts Council and took this painting. I just couldn't decide which way I wanted to have this hung at the April Flower exhibit at IN A FRAME. I thought I liked it this way
but it had more of a bird's eye view feel whereas the top version seems like a window with a curtain. I  decided on the window version.
It's a mix of acrylic paint, gold spray paint stencil, and oil paint, on mdf board. After all the paint was dried, I sanded it down a wee bit then covered with epoxy resin.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Midnight Painting In the Studio

Somehow I managed to drag a 4'x4' wood panel 
into my tiny studio and was inspired to get cracking on the Fence Art Gallery Project painting. Just as well because the deadline is pretty tight. Flippin' eck' I Iv'e just realized DUH! that is why my shoulder is hurting this morning. Oh!the pains we suffer for our art!

Been working on two projects that I am glad to say are set up, phew! One of those projects is for the Yellow Springs Arts Council and the other one is by Nancy and myself and is now published.
I will be doing a photo shoot later this week with our first featured artist.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tree Shadows

 My uncle said to me recently I see art in everything and he is right. This is a photograph from last year and it was a glorious sunshiney day around the village. The tree shadows just captivated me and I loved the bike leaning against the wall.
black and white photography
Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio
yellow springs ohio
I never get tired of walking past this house with it's beautiful blue walls.

OH MY Giddy Aunt!  I LOVE this.

You can learn more about the artists behind this amazing Chandelier on their website at HildenDiaz.

Shadow Inspiration
25 Shadow Images to Inspire You

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Do you really support the arts?

what does it really mean when a group or organization state they support the arts?
The broader economic implications of donating your art
Like many I am often asked to donate art for a good cause, but I rarely, if ever, do it now. Oh, that doesn't mean I don't support the charity/organization but just not with my art. Too many times my work was either lost, came back damaged, no acknowledgement,no publicity, no record of who bought my work (so I could personally thank them) or how much it sold for.

"The problem is that they recognize the individual who writes the check" says Joel Shapiro, but not the artist who donates the work. So basically we are used as a lure ;) "Usually, if the buyer later resells the work, neither the artist nor the charity shares in any profit". 

I like the article by Omphaloskepsis Blog because it offers alternative approaches rather than just saying no. 

Donation Advice for Artists and Charities
ArtBiz blog has some great advice on how to
educate those asking for donations, including a sample letter.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bad Painting Days

We all have them, and some us have much gnashing of  teeth and  colourful language emanating from he studio.  I was working what I thought would be such  a simple little bird painting that ended up looking like bird poop. I took my time to prep the wood, draw it out, plan the colours, but no, the muse was not having it, bitch. So instead I added the final touch to the painting below and added eyelashes. How can a more complex painting prove to be so easy and a bird one so flipping hopeless.
Actually I think my problem was I got too precious with the bird painting and instead of being loose I was thinking too much about the end product. What this tells me it that I am not confident about painting birds and need to paint a gazillion of them to get to the point that I can break loose with the brush.  Time to remember this advice I found on Lorn Curry's website "Failure is to creativity like oxygen is to fire....".

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wedding Present Ideas: Heart Art

While this painting is no longer available, be sure to pop into IN A FRAME and ask to see some of the other choices (including Primrose Midnight) currently on display.
  Cards/Prints are also for sale in my shop.

Primrose Midnight by jafabrit

Olfactory Assault-The Good and the VERY Bad

Dinner at Pasha Grill for our wedding anniversary and as always fabulous service,ambiance,and food. We shared our fave dessert künefe and drank Turkish tea.
Thank goodness there was half a wall/filigree screen between us and another couple and I was spared of having to smell the man's aftershave constantly. I would get whiffs now and again and it was gross. I don't mean just strong, it was like a tidal wave of cheap chemicals that assaulted my nose with a thousand swords of venomous particles, stinging and rattling around my brain like mad little creatures trying to find a place to settle. By the time dessert arrived he had gone, phew!!!!!!!!!!! and I could enjoy the sweet smell of our dessert.


How to Tell if You Wear Too Much Perfume
Untested Chemicals and Fragrance Toxicity
Letter to people who wear too much cologne
Okay, so I have to make a comment about this lawsuit because it may seem over over the top, but having experienced a mild case of Anaphylaxis, this is no joke. It goes beyond just being uncomfortable and descends into the terrifying when you realize the throat is closing and you can barely breathe.  I think the lawsuit could have just been avoided if the co-worker wearing the perfume had been considerate and just stopped wearing that particular perfume-sigh! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bird Song for Anniversary

This little spuggy (moi) is singing a tune to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Alas I don't have the skill to sing like this Corinne accompanied by Herbie Hancock at the piano.

"Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads,which sew people together through the years" 
Simone Signoret

Oh boy, do we have lots of threads, literally! We can never leave the house without some of them on our clothes. Somehow my embroidery supplies have spread out from the studio and taken over spots around the house. I know some of you understand exactly what I am talking about ;)

Happy St.Patricks

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Embroidered Photograph and Tutorial

I found a lovely tutorial on A Beautiful Mess and while this isn't the way I did mine above, I just had to share. A Beautiful Mess

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Artist in his Studio

My friend Nancy asked me to photograph Ira in his studio downtown Dayton for a news article coming up. I don't know why but I really wanted him to sit on the floor in front of his painting and it quickly became my favourite photograph. I really like this one too and since I have an artistic licence
decided to play with the image on photoshop. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inner Duck-Who Knew!

c.bayrak animal photograph
I thought the squirrel's shadow was funny when I took this photo back in 2012 on a trip to Niagara Falls. I thought to myself, "hum, I wonder if there is such a thing as having an inner duck". So off to the good old search engine and I was QUACKing surprised! I should have guessed! Do you know how many sites and quizzes there are about finding or relating to your inner duck?

Well, now you know and I am sure you are all the more wiser for it, ahem! Really I MUST get off this computer, I MUST, and do something useful, REALLY!

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Sunday, March 09, 2014

A Rainy Day back in 2012

black and white photography yellow springs ohio jafabrit

The weather seemed nice when I started my bike ride and then a storm hit. DRAT! I am going to get soaked and I wondered if I should try to make a mad dash home. Oh! but the rain felt good on my face.  I watched and listened to the silence around me except for the gentle patter of rain. I thought of days gone by, such happy beautiful days, when I would dance in the rain with my children and make paper boats for the rain river flowing behind our house. My heart sang and I thought, life is good. 

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Seeing Eye

Been working on a small round piece of wood I cut for a portrait of Jeana. I found a problem with it though.  I took a pic and then as I as looking at the above photograph I saw it, EEEEK!  Can you see it?

Did you notice what the problem was? 
Yes, her left eyeball LOL! FIXED!! otherwise it would haunt me and I would hear that voice whinging from the bowels of my studio, fix me! fix me! fix me!

For International Women's Day 
Vivian Maier
"Perhaps the most important street photographer of the twentieth century was a nanny......was complete unknown until the time of her death"

Man Buys 10.000 Undeveloped Negatives At a Local Auction and Discovers One of The Most Important Street Photographers of the Mid 20th Century
 THE ART OF SEEING-a guide to street photography.
19 of the most influential female photographers
Top 20 Women Photographers
Dickey Chapelle-one of the first women war correspondents

Friday, March 07, 2014

I am BLUE about Spring Blossoms

It's a play on words of course and about my photograph of Spring Blossoms from 2012. This writer has written a lovely poem about A BLUE BIKE, which is copyright to him of course.

He makes that clear at the end of his poem with two copyright symbols next to his name. 

Somehow my copyright has escaped his radar, or he doesn't care.
This organization's stated purpose is to "merge contemporary art, design and consumer-markets to generate awareness of and resources for women's and children's health." 

  A noble cause, but you know, if they support women, that includes not exploiting them by taking their work. I asked them several months ago to please remove my image. My image on Pinterest links to their fb page which generated 161 shares and no attribution.Do they think saying found on fb means it's OKAY? Being a Not For Profit ORG does not exclude them from respecting copyright.

I am trying to sell my work and by using my work and making it available to the public they are sabotaging my chances.

March Wallpaper: Snow Flowers

Digital Art version of my bike trail photo. It's March and here I was thinking the snow was done and WHAM! another snowstorm so for March my computer screen gets snow flowers.

Snow Flowers by jafabrit

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

NupeMagazine Faces backlash and pleads "Please Stop sending us email."

I guess when several people or photographers got wind of this site and spread the word NupeMagazine(dot)org got a wee bit, err, overwhelmed with complaints/cease & desist notices.   Did you notice the ORG in the url,  usually reserved for sites that are not for profit. Perhaps they are making the mistake or presuming that because they don't sell the images it's okay to use them. 
Despite the claim it was a "search engine to show images", their fb page clearly states what they are about. Yes, I have talked about those wallpaper scraper sites before, they are the one's that scrape content and are full of ads, redirects to ads and some with porn links. People think they can download and use these images and get a nasty shock when they are sent dmca notices or get emails from irate photographers, OR face a lawsuit. 

If you want to use an image you found on the internet, do a reverse image and get permission from the artist/photographer.  It took me less than 5 mins to find the source of this image and contact the artist.  

Watermark debate in Black and White

Well there seems to be some very very strong opinions about watermarking with many being for and against. I thought I would explore the yea's and nays and did a search. I came across a blog entry titled Watermarks Drive Me Crazy! and wanted to try and understand an opposing viewpoint. 
I am glad I visited because the blog owner, cole thompson, has a stunning portfolio of black and white photography. Looking at his images I can appreciate and understand why watermarks would not work for him. It hasn't changed my mind in regards to what I need to do, but how I am doing it has evolved since last year's nightmare
black and white photography
It isn't perfect, but I don't think mine ruins the viewing experience THAT much,what do you think?

cheers from jafabrit's studio

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Birds Don't Land On It Sandwich

I bet you're wondering what the heck sort of sandwich that is?
food porn
As you can see it's an asparagus sandwich. Went on a lovely lunch date to the Cobblestone CafeIn Turkish Asparagus is Kuşkonmaz, which translated is Birds Don't Land On ItSomehow calling it a Birds Don't Land On It Sandwich tickled me and sounds so much more fun than just an asparagus sarnie. 
Middle Eastern Lantern
 This is one of the lanterns hanging in the cafe (and for sale in the adjoining shop) It's one of my fave places to visit not only is the quality of food really good, but the  service, and the ambiance is class.  After lunch, we buzzed over to the antique mall and I picked up Victorian bubble glass frame, and Mr. B bought me a vintage English eggcup.
Ps. the egg isn't vintage ;)  
How I got into collecting egg cups I don't know, but I seem to be getting a bit of a collection.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Kim Novak and Online HATE and SHAMING of Women

Women have always been on the receiving end of personal attacks on their looks, and yes I have my opinions too. 
However do we really need to share every bloody opinion regarding how others look, especially hurtful one's that you know she or her loved one's may read. Novak is 81 and despite many unpleasant circumstances or difficulties in life, including Breast Cancer, and Bipolar disorder, she is a survivor. She is an artist, photographer, and poet.  Some people reach her age and haven't done even a fraction of what Novak has achieved.
Slate did an article titled Horrible to Be an Older Woman in Hollywood but for me the bigger issue is the societal acceptance of attacking women online, the bullying and shaming of them. Is this what we teach our children, that it's okay to say whatever horrible, vulgar, or hateful thing you want about others? 


Monday, March 03, 2014

Shadow Play

studio plastic cups jafabrit

I really have no explanation for it. I am working in the studio and two plastic cups on the floor had me fascinated for a good hour. 
Enough of that. Got to get back to painting

Monday Morning Notes

I've read several blogs that talk about how unprofessional it is to put signature watermarks on images.  In this day and age that notion seems rather quaint and a bit antiquated. Unless you want your images to float around the world net as orphan works, assumed to be public domain, just grabbed for exploitation, or you don't care about marketing your work then watermarking sadly is a necessary evil.

Well, now you've found me! 
 I hope you enjoyed visiting. If you have any questions or want to use any of my images just leave a message, or email me.

If you would like to buy something

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(Dayton Daily News Article)


Saturday, March 01, 2014

March Rabbit Card:She LIKES It.

I have been experimenting, yes! yes! tell you something new. Okay, well I love those old hand tinted postcards and photographs, and wanted to do something along those lines. So
I took a photo of my clay smoking rabbit sitting on the shelf in my tea room. I then converted it to black and white on photoshop and added the pink to the flowers from the colour version of the photograph.

Anyhoo, I thought it would make a great card and put it in my jafabrit SHOP here.
Jean is my very first sale at RedBubble, and I am chuffed as mintballs because I have been following Jean's blog for years. 
If you're fan of beading and wire jewelry or Blyth Dolls
 you may recognize the name.
She is one very busy artist and if not illustrating books she is painting every day, photographing her dolls, AND currently  making forty bracelets in time for two reunions.  She is wondering if she can do it in time. I bet she will ;)
Thanks Jean
PS. I love that your earings match the teacup flowers. ♥