Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Hawk and The Snake

birds of prey
I saw this magnificent hawk grab a snake and fly up to the tree next to our house. I was on my way to a local cafe in the village but sat in the car and watched the hawk for a few minutes. They say in AZ in the more rural parts it's a good idea to create nesting boxes for hawks and owls to help control the rattlesnake population in your back yard eeek! I think me and my husband will be building about a hundred nesting boxes when we move there. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Flying High with Hello Kitty in Taiwan

Review: Hello Kitty Ridiculousness At Taipei Airport - One Mile at a Time

Review: EVA Air Business Class 777 Los Angeles To Taipei Review: Novotel Taipei Taoyuan Airport Review: Hello Kitty Ridiculousness At Taipei Airport Review: EVA Air Lounge Taipei Airport Review: EVA Air Hello Kitty Business Class 777 Taipei To Singapore Review: KLM Business Class 777 Singapore To Bali Review: InterContinental Hong Kong Review: St.
 Hello Kitty is EVERYwhere in Taiwan and I mean everywhere, from vendors goods at night market, to scooters, face masks, helmets, exhibits at the Art Center in Kaohsiung, Hello Kitty Cafe's and even a plane.  
I found this video and it's pretty close to how we experienced Taiwan in 2014.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Wet Weekend and NOT Loving Vincent

I LOVE his paintings and have seen some major exhibits of his work but the movie was hard for me to watch. 
It was BEAUTIFULLY done and so the fault is not with the animation. My problem is that my eye's had difficulty focusing and kept wanting to close. I am lucky I saw any of it, especially the amazing animation of the reflection in water.  I also found the story rather slow, which by itself perhaps would not have been a problem if I was being bedazzled by the animation. 
water reflections
The major bedazzlement for me this evening was watching the rain from under the Sunrise Cafe Canopy. The rain was coming down in buckets, which made the street look magical.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

In the Pink and This and That and Tother

  Being "in the pink"  means in good health and spirits and I certainly felt that on my daily walk and came across this scattering of the most glorious fall leaves. 

My work at the Wind's Cafe came down and I was so happy to see a few pieces found good homes with some dear friends thank you.

Despite not having my studio at the moment I am still very busy and just finished helping set up the Holiday Art Jumble at the Yellow Springs Arts Council for the past couple of days. Always fun to open boxes and see what goodies people have donated. 

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As they say in the south
Bless Your Heart

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Starting Your Career as an Illustrator by Michael Fleishman

 A couple of years ago my friend Michael
 asked if he could include my copyright infringement story/saga/nightmare, included in chapter 12, in his new book.

COPYRIGHT: Hall of Shame

I started to find these infringements May 2013 when I discovered Suffice it to say that as soon as I discovered how much work was infringed/used I deleted my jafabrit flickr account, removed many of my images off other sites, put all my blog entries into draft (and republish with low res watermarked images), added a nopin code and no right click code, and reverse image search on google.
If you're starting out I highly recommend Michael's books and NO I am not getting paid in any fashion to say this. I just happen to think Michael is a fabulous artist with over 30 years experience as an artist, Illustrator, teacher and author of seven other books.   You can check out the Art League's review here.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Ideas for Skyping with a Grandchild

and it is indeed an art when the vocabulary is limited to two or three words. My face can only hold attention for so long before the wee one dashes off exploring.
Bear has been a presence in my granddaughters life since the day she was born, either physically on visits or through shared images. 
Here is a card I recently sent and in the 
toy photography, toy bear
 card I included one of the silk leaves.
So when we skyped today  and I had lost bear on the screen and talking to her she recognized him immediately and laughed.
Bear asked for bao bao (cuddles) and the iphone got a big cuddle lol. 

For some other creative ideas check out this link at grandma ideas

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Gentle Patter of Rain and The November Guest

My November Guest

My Sorrow, when she's here with me,
Thinks these dark days of autumn rain
Are beautiful as days can be;
She loves the bare, the withered tree;
She walked the sodden pasture lane.

Her pleasure will not let me stay.
She talks and I am fain to list:
She's glad the birds are gone away,
She's glad her simple worsted gray
Is silver now with clinging mist.

The desolate, deserted trees,
The faded earth, the heavy sky,
The beauties she so truly sees,
She thinks I have no eye for these,
And vexes me for reason why.

Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow,
But it were vain to tell her so,
And they are better for her praise.

Robert Frost

Time to snuggle down by the warm glow of the fire, drink a cuppa and read a good book.