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Monday Vibes: SInging At Donuts and Weird Cyanotype Embroidery

  As we waited at the traffic light a woman in the next car was holding a delish looking donut and singing to it with a flourish and such exuberance I couldn't stop staring. I can't explain why but it made me so happy. Maybe it's because I can't eat a donut (still working on the last 10lbs) or that her joy was unpretentious and infectious. Whatever it was it was a moment I enjoyed. STUDIO JAFABRIT I put one of my painted stone faces on a fashion mag page, photographed it, then made a negative of it, and then used it to make a cyanotype print on fabric. Once that was done then I embellished with hand embroidery. Yes, he is a rather weird looking fella that I call "social climber".    I was in the mood to explore cyanotype so I bought a few pre treated fabric sheets from Amazon. It's VERY sunny here in Arizona, so it only took about 8 mins exposure.  Anyhoo, that's what I've been up to, along with being and accidental birder, a hiker, and drawing.  Y

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