Saturday, September 22, 2007

Catching a mood in a painting

"catching butterflies"
hanging on a wall somewhere in Yellow Springs

Can't remember if I have shown this or not but, I did this a few years ago. Doing any kind of foreshortening is not my idea of fun but even with the challenge of doing the fingers and thumb I so enjoyed doing this painting. It was the mood, the lights and shadows, the brushstrokes and my fave palette, black and white. I have been rejecting doing black and white paintings for a while now for fear I get too comfortable and don't challenge myself with colour. I think I have met that challenge and can put aside any fears of getting too comfortable now. lol!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Resin Painting: Political Art

"saints of misinformation"

So it is finished, YES!!!!!!!! It's funny how when you take the pressure off yourself to create you start creating again LOL! Anyway I am finished with all the work for my exhibit next month. So what I did was divide the panel and then cut out around the face with my scroll saw. My husband asked if the face was a photograph. No, it is an oil painting . It is not meant to be a particular person, but if the shoe fits ;)

So here is what I did with the fabric, I made cushions for the settee and covered the lamp shade, da! daaaaaaa! Doll still hanging out in the rhubarb patch though :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

For the Love of Vintage

Have you ever come home from shopping and just wanted to set your goodies out and enjoy them for a while? I bought a couple of things from my favourite gallery (gregory's studio of wonders) which ALAS is closing down by the end of next week :( A fellow blogger here wrote a beautiful entry about Gregory's Gallery and it's closing.
I was so pleased with my finds because I have had a yen to get me some vintage fabric for a while now for a home project (will show you in another blog entry). Not sure what I am going to do with the vintage doll head yet, but for now she's in my rhubarb patch. If you click on the rhubarb link by the way you will learn this little fascinating little snippet from history.
The Guangzong emperor (1620-1621) is miraculously cured from some severe illness he got after having had a joyful time with four "beautiful women" sent to him by a high official, cured with rhubarb, naturally"
Love how they word it :)

A HIKE IN THE GLEN: We took a hike this morning and I was reminded of our last few hikes there. We were on a trail when rufus stopped dead in his tracks. He was agitated and growling and wouldn't move forward on the trail. The air was very still, the hair on my neck was standing on end and I got goosebumps. Kinds of spooks you out when an animal is spooked and you can't see why. I was beginning to think there was a spirit or a presence on part of the trail that was once roamed by the miami or shawnee. We picked him up and walked past the spot. The next week same thing happened in the same spot only he started to bark towards something, so we moved in that direction and he barked more. WEll, LOL! we realized what it was. Not a spirit, not a ghost, but a newly fallen tree that was hollow. For a 6lb yorkie it must have looked like an animal with a gaping mouth. I have never seen a dog growling under his breath walk past a tree so fast in my life.

PS: Don't know why but I've got it in my head that this winter I must have a red handbag and a pair of red boots.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Found Art: Rock Ant

I wish I could give credit to who inspired me to make this rock ant, but it's one of those instances where cruising the net I saw an image for a few seconds and I moved on. They had made a wire wrapped caterpillar and far superior to what I've done here. However I wasn't trying to copy it or make a masterpiece. I was sitting in the garden playing with bits and bobs and thought it would be fun to make a found art piece for the Yellow Springs Arts Council October art stroll event at the Hip Joint in Yellow Springs.
If any of you readers are in the area there is a call for artists to submit work, just check out the YSArts Blog.

Talking about found art, I always like to pop into Rosa Murillo's Found Art Tuesday page. I just love the art left in a Dallas Airport, very cool. I really like the statements her art makes, as well as the quality of the work :)

If you enjoy looking at artists who use objects in nature/environmental art then Andrew Goldsworthy is one of the best. Here is a wee video showing his frustration with a piece he was working on and a link showing a couple of examples of his work.

LOCAL NEWS: Really excited about this. Two local filmmakers in Yellow Springs, Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar, won an emmy for their film "A Lion in the House". Story is in the YS news.

I Wish

I was at the beach.

walking along the seashore eating chips with chip shop curry sauce.

Photos by Jafabrit

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shrine Box and Effigy Wish Doll

"shrine to wishes"

So here she is hanging around :) with a naked dickie bird, a piece of coral my husband found in Hawaii, a charm in the shape a corset, a beautiful little reverse painted vase my daughter gave me, and inside the vase one of my favourite, favourite smells, English Devonshire Violets by Pateman Brothers. She wears a flower chocker made from a patch of suede coat I used to wear as a teen in England, and a good luck " evil eye" bead from Turkey.

Living an Artful Life
Sometimes people will say to me when they learn I am an artist, "oh that must be so relaxing". No, hand sewing is relaxing, lying in the sun watching the hummingbirds and butterflies flutter around is relaxing, creating art isn't. It is exhilarating, frustrating, exhausting and exciting. Getting lost in the process and being in that quiet place within ourselves is a beautiful experience, but it can be exhausting. We can't be switched on all the time. That's when I need an art break and I need to get back to living an artful life and NOT feel guilty about it.
It's walking to the farmers market and getting fresh cut flowers, smelling freshly baked bread from the Emporium, it's dancing in the rain at the Blue's Fest, watching an old movie, reading a great book, going to the Little Art Theatre and drinking chamomile tea, eating off a beautiful china plate, a fresh tomato from a garden, watching the neighbours chickens, dancing around the house, creating and enjoying vignettes around the house, going to a museum, imagining walking on the northeastern seashore on a wild winters day, smelling fall, photographing odd things around town, listening to Richard Burton recite poetry, it's remembering moments spent with loved one's, shelling peas, picking strawberries, it's closing your eyes and giving yourself up to the moment, it's so many things.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Well this is about as much as I have got done in the last few days, the black background, LOL!
Meanwhile our Art Ball Machine has a NEW location at the Nolaa Gallery, designed and ordered postcards for my exhibit, started working on a new blog for the jafagirls,and had fun at the Blue's Fest watching Talitha's (fellow Jafa) husband play some blues with his band W.G. Blues Unit.
Sometimes there are days when creating needs a rest and spending time living an artful life takes precedence, as well as seeing to the business side of art. More on "living an artful life" another day.

Pioneer of Still Life
Fede Gallizi established herself as an artist at the age of 12. "Although very few contemporary sources mention Fede's still life paintings, they are the majority of her surviving works. Sixty-three works have been catalogued as hers, of which 44 are still lifes. One of her signed still lifes made in 1602 is said to be the first dated still life by an Italian artist....."

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

From Sketchbook to Painting

I thought I would stop faffing with ideas and just get down to working with the sketchbook image I call "dribble!dribble! Since I have enough work for my exhibit I can afford to play with this one. If it works, great it will go in the show. If it doesn't work, so be it.

A Litte Art Hsitory
One of the first recipients for a sex change operation was a successful Danish Artist, Einar Wegener, in Berlin, 1930. He changed his name to Lili Elbe and "stopped painting believing it to be something that only Einar did." His wife Gerda Wegener was "an internationally renowned painter, portraitist and graphic artist, and one of the very few successful female artists in history."
I have never heard of Gerda Wenener, but like many they slip into obscurity with the passage of time. Their work however is still out there, still seen and still hanging somewhere. Gerda's work is still being sold at various print and poster sites, such as

Monday, September 03, 2007

Portrait in Oil


I was thinking I might reuse this image I painted a few years ago, but I seem be suffering from idea overload. I have this idea and by the time I get down to the studio it is replaced with another idea, and then doubt sets in because I have yet another idea that in the end I don't do any. arg!!!! LOL!

Meanwhile I am working on a larger cutout version of the vampire rabbit gargoyle for above the entrance door of the gallery in October. A couple of fellow Jafa's are working on a public project with me. We plan to do some painted silhouette or gargoyle images on wood and attach them to some of the buildings in town. I have permission from one owner to place a couple of gargoyle dogs on top of the pillars at the entrance of his building.

"Catwalk" was based on the idea that we make icons out of models. At the time Adbusters were doing a few spoof ads about the fashion industry and there was a lot of news about models being anorexic, going into rehab etc. It is oil on canvas, sanded down to give it an old look and also to make it flawed.

PS: There is a call to artists near to Yellow Springs,Ohio. Check out the info at the art council blog here.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

shrine box sky

Oh yea! whoop de do, my major painting for the day was painting a blue sky in the shrine box I made to display my effigy wish doll. However if you think I am complaining then you would be wrong. It was just LOVELY and soothing.

TIP OF THE DAY: When putting on your mask don't forget to check and blow out the interior of your mask so you don't get a wee spider up yer nose. YIKES!!!!!!!