Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yummy Drippy Colours

Okay it might not be YOUR cup of tea, but I just drool over colours, drips and splatters. I love how the colours bleed into each other. I just couldn't resist using this photo to make a phone cover. I think it works well, don't you?
splatter art

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the Life Drawing Studio: Hands and Patterns

 I am lucky to be able to go to a large working studio in an old schoolhouse and get to see works in progress when I go for life drawing. Finding a good set up, let alone good models is not easy, so I am really thankful for the space and the organizers who find the models.
My focus this session was on the model's hand, and I used my technique from last week to try and help me. Not only is getting the shape right, scale is also an issue. So often we draw the hands way too small.
I found a nice tutorial on Wet Canvas that might be useful to those needing help with drawing hands. 
a little photoshop magic with line drawing and overlay patterns

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Art of Writing Letters: Once Upon a Time

I used to write long letters filled with doodles, or photos and daily snippets. I would write over a period of days like a diary adding this or that or fancy that.  They would go out snail mail at least every couple of weeks. Those days are long gone. Nothing more unrewarding than never getting a response. After a while you have no clue if they're interested or care.  Email doesn't quite cut it or have that joyful anticipation of getting a letter in your hands.
Actually my Blog Title should be The Lost Art of Letter Writing. I love this description in the Washington Post article; " Emails are a poke, but letters are a caress...." and  something to be touched and treasured.

Nowadays I write here and share snippets and photos, albeit a little less personal, but hopefully people enjoy.

View from my Window
winter grey day in Ohio

Grey Ohio morning
Thunder Bolts
flashes of light
droplets trapped in the screen
 windows rattle 
 branches creak
 wind moans creep into the house

Cheers from Jafabrit Blog

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yellow Springs Chamber Artist of Distinction Award

yea! baby! 
 and I am officially chuffed to bits.
Karen Wintrow Awarded me the first ever Yellow Springs Chamber Artist of Distinction Award at the YS Arts Council Member Show for my Spin Bird piece.
Image courtesy of Karen Wintrow

I was already having fun at the show, seeing old friends, familiar faces, and some wonderful artwork. Getting an award was the icing on the cake.


ps. Just want to add I really loved that the medal was Nancy's idea and beautifully implemented by Dianne Collison, Kaethi Seidl, Alex Scott and Katy Olsen. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Embroidered Photograph on Exhibit in March

I took a series of photographs of my friend, jafapal Nancy, and decided to see if  
portrait photo art by jafabrit
I could do do something with the image that would convey her feelings of turning 60. Nancy decided to call the series "bloomin' at 60" and I think this works wonderfully with the title. I had to stitch several photographs before I was able to find the stitch pattern that was going to work best. I also have holes in my index finger to prove it.  This one will be going into the Women's Voices Out Loud exhibit at the Antioch College Herndon Gallery, and another version of the photograph will be showing at the 
X*ACT Gallery located 45 E. Second Street, in Xenia, Ohio.
I haven't stitched this photograph below, but it is one of my favourites and I wanted to share it.

All the best

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Copyright and Etsy Seller

In May 2013 I discovered my art being used by this etsy seller
 and posted a blog entry about it.  Interesting thing is I have had quite a few people contact me whose work was also been used. In this case I saw this wonderful photograph unattributed online and did a quick reverse image that led to linda yvonne  from Linda Hartong Photography and HELLO! (this etsy seller again) linda clearly states on her flickr page that this image is © and not to be used, copied or edited without permission. She shared in an email with me she did NOT give this etsy seller permission, nor did she sell it to her.

One other artist told me that the seller blamed it on the intern. When the artist asked how many she sold the seller got "nasty" and threatened legal action. 

Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery: Spin Art Bird Embroidery

I posted a wee peek of this hand embroidery a few months ago and it's finally finished. It is now hanging in the Yellow Springs Arts Council Member show.
My goal was to see if I could do a stitched version of one of my spin paintings,"spinlicious".
I can't even tell you how many different colours I used for the embroidery version. I really should have written it down.  The glass bird in the center was a present from the Chaos Queen and Professor of Sewing at the University of the Universe, my good pal Karen, who felt it was meant to be used for this piece. I think she was right.  It's hard to see but I added wire to the back edge of the butterfly wings so I could manipulate the wings and give it a 3D effect instead of it just laying flat.

Mental Floss has a wee article about it with a few great video examples. 

and you can learn the in's and outs 
from the mad spinner himself Abraham on his wonderfully inspiring website.

cheers and thanks for visiting my blog

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wolves and How They Change Rivers

Grey Wolf art
Image used with permission 
"Eye of the Storm"
by Roberta "Roby" Baer

I don't photograph or paint wildlife (except the birds and critters in my back garden) but I so wanted an image for my blog entry today. Well I found this stunning pastel painting of a wolf by Roberta and asked her if I could use it. She graciously said yes, thank you. 

Now about how Wolves and how they can change rivers. Check out this amazing video

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Spreads Like A Virus

The painting that is.
 My jafapal, Nancy, and I did it back in 2006 when Nancy had her Getaways for Women and  created a fun Jackson Pollock workshop.  After posting it online (high res-BIG mistake-never NEVER again) it took off and somehow became attributed to Jackson Pollock, go figure! 
  I just googled the image and there are a 154 results.
Many of the results lead to scraper sites that offer free wallpapers, and seriously you want risk downloading it?
Can you believe we cut the huge canvas up?   We were going to recycle the pieces into another jafagirl art project.
Still have parts of it around the house.
It seems many feel they can just freely grab images off the internet and use them however they pretty bloody well please (read here about copyright info). By the way ours is NOT a copy of anything Jackson Pollock did.

hah, so someone is selling a copy of it on ebay as a jackson pollock

UPDATE 6/17/2015

Source Site

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebrating the Angel of the North on Chronicle Live

I remember when Antony Gormley's Angel of the North was first installed the conversations on and offline were very heated for and against.
cloudy day and antony gormley statue gateshead
While there are still many who hate it, it has undoubtedly become a beloved symbol of the Northeast. The last time I went back to the UK  and my taxi went past it, that is when I really felt I was truly back HOME. 
 Chronicle Live is celebrating it's 16th year with a series of smashing photographs.

February's Screensaver: Colour It Red

So here is this months screensaver and of course it's all about Valentines Day and red.
We have so many red cardinals in our back garden and they are such a joy to watch.  We have several that live in the tree, but this winter since we started putting out different kinds of bird food we have even more. Here is a handy guide to attracting them to your garden. 

signing off
and sending my love
to family, friends,
and loyal peeps

thanks for dropping by

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Threats of Lawsuits: Survival Magazine and The Color Run

Unfortunately I do, sigh! 
Just as I was typing this blog entry, this came up on my feed: The Color Run Sues College Photographer After He Asks for Compensation for Image
The Color Run sues student after he asked to be paid for image use
Image used with permission 
You can see the original letter the student photographer sent to try and open negotiations here. I'm going to leave the viewer to draw their own conclusions but keep in mind that we are talking about a young student dealing with a major for profit entertainment company worth millions who used his photograph for print and national advertizing.

LINKS:  Petapixel  SLR Lounge 

2/16/2014 UPDATEThe Color Run and maxxsphotography have reached an agreement.
FStoppers has an update from The Color Run and some words of wisdom.


Some just face a wall of silence and this is happening with my friend Crystal Heis who is frustrated in her attempt to either have her  image of hers removed or be payed a modest licence fee.
copyright infringement
After a couple of weeks of silence and another  attempt to resolve the matter with the website owner Crystal is left frustrated. 
If someone (website designer or owner) takes the time to put a copyright notice on their website, it is obvious they don't want people plagiarizing it, yes? 
So why not respect a photographers copyright?

Seriously I think some people earn 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Life Drawing and Imagining the model is a Statue

Simple Line Drawing by jafabrit
30 minute study 
Not sure why but when I try to imagine the model is a statue it helps me figure out  (excuse the pun) the parts by blocks, especially hands and feet (my weakness amongst many)My goal is to try and convey the figure with simple lines and not fall into my comfort zone of modeling. It can take me an hour to 2 hours before I can come up with a decent drawing. I am not one of those artists that can just dive in and ta da. Usually we start life drawing doing gesture drawing, and then after about 20-30 mins go into several 30 min studies. Just for fun I used photoshop to create an actual statue effect by merging a pattern of a marble tile with my drawing.

If you want to learn how to draw, check out the above links.  You may have noticed that I don't do any paintings, photography or embroidery of nudes. I go to life drawing because it keeps me on my toes. Here is an excellent explanation of why life drawing is important for visual artists. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Letter to Copyright Thieves and Infringers and Redbubble KICK OFF.

I just thought I would write this for a lark!
However if some of these people want to do the right thing I would be happy to share that here and do a wee happy dance.

So here is a spin art painting I did back in 2010 called Black Lace 
which was used for a video and album cover of a well known Canadian Singer.
 How it got there I cannot say?
I kid you not it was all over the internet.
Was I shocked!I had NO IDEA until I did a reverse image search

I called it black lace because I just LOVED the way the black paint spread out on the yellow as I was spinning the album.

It is now available 

spin painting black lace by jafabrit

at my shop here
 as a phone cover (minus the watermarks of course)
Just think you can call your lawyer with such a cool phone :0

thanks for visiting my blog
have a GREAT day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Gifts:Heart Painting

Are you looking for something unique for your sweetheart and you live in or near Yellow Springs Ohio?  My newest heart painting is available at IN A FRAME.
Red Bubble heart art by c.bayrak
"primrose midnight"
approx 11"x 8"

Spray paint, acrylic on wood, with a vintage rhinestone button in the center of the flower (upper left) coated with epoxy resin.
If you can't visit IN A FRAME, no problem, posters, prints and cards are
 available for purchase at my shop.

I am more than happy if you share my shop link but please do not copy, use, pin or distribute my image. If you would like to licence or use any of my images please just "ASK".  Thanks. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dumb Starbucks an Art Gallery?

One strange art story and some ask if it's a legal dispute about to happen.
Dumb Starbucks Twitter Page

And if you are wondering how they can get away with this, they are stating it falls under  Fair UseStanford University breaks Fair Use  down in this article. 

Shut down by L.A.County Health Officials.

Anything can be art, I guess, err, I suppose, maybe, whatevvvvvvvvvver!
 for your FURTHER amusement
how about this jackson pollock wanna be with dyed soy milk vomit art. Kind of a twist on Cindy Sherman's vomit photographs. Just in case you may be curious ahem! maybe, possibly, I suppose.  Oh dear! I seem to have gone down some bizarro art rabbit hole and MUST escape before I am sucked in FOREVER.
Meanwhile back at the ranch aka studio jafabrit I am still adding ART to my shop (no vomit pics, honest) and working on my next art piece for a group show at IN A FRAME.  OH and UGH! need a special frame for an art piece and people wonder why artists ask a lot for some of their work, the FRAMING arg! 

Thanks for dropping by jafabrit's art and as the Americans say, have a great day

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Cool iPhone Cases

NOT a Damien Hirst Spin Art  RED BUBBLEI finally got around to using Red Bubble and have created some iPhone cases from the EVER popular (and shamefully ripped off by others) spin art paintings.
If you are a regular here you will recognize this one so often attributed to Damien Hirst. Unfortunately it continues to make the rounds and is currently being sold as a Hirst on a Russian Art Supplier site, sigh! Will deal with that later. 

 So if you need a new iPhone case and want to see the real artist earn something for her work for a change please do check out my shop.
I would so appreciate it.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Drawing: Effective Practice and Human Proportion for Figure Drawing

Truth be told there is nothing simple about it, but it sure looks like it is.
figure drawing
15 or 20 minute pose

Doesn't look like much does it? This is one of my favourite drawings from my weekly visit to Life Drawing Studio. My favourite study because for the first time I actually felt I was able to depict a back  with simple lines. 

Famous Examples 
Image Public Domain US
Image Public Domain US

A humorous but GREAT approach to teaching human proportion for figure drawing.

by Merrill Kazanjian

Practice! Practice! Practice!
and I like the advice of this artist Paul Foxton on Effective Practice.

Paul has a GREAT site, Learning to See, which is a practical guide to better drawing.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Embroidered Photographs

Welcome to my blog
I hope you enjoy your visit.

Today I am talking about embroidering photographs using a couple of old photographs from a trip to San Diego 2003
 This is a cheeky gull and somehow he just needed a fascinator. Embroidering photographs needs some planning because it's kind of tricky. I was playing and experimenting, so I'm not going to beat myself up over the rather sloppy looking stitchwork.  
Alas nothing like the fabulous ones I saw at the Baltic by Maurizio Anzeri.
heart embroidery
This one is a wee bit better.

Here are some links to some AMAZING and inspiring examples of stitched photographs.

At ArtStormer Stacy Page and Jose Romussi

A very unique approach by Diane Meyer who adds embroidered pixelated sections to her photographs. 

LOVE the freedom of Melissa Zexter's work and the choice of photographs.

WOW! Inge Jacobsen, the detail and stitching!

Laura Mckellar and some great close up shots

Here is a wonderful article, by John Foster,  about the history of embroidered photographs with some gorgeous vintage examples.

ah, getting better
embroidery french knots
have a great day