Friday, May 31, 2013

YS-OPOLY event and Caught Yarnbombing

The board game is finished, all the elements came together and now it's time to PLAY.
Yellow Springs to launch a board game.YS-Opoly: by the people, for the people.DDNews
Pre-launch party is Sunday June 2nd starting at 2pm info here
I had fun doing the portrait of Constance for the money and Bing Design put it all together.

and here is our (jafagirls)
LOL! this is the infamous photo I took  of Officer Pierce(who kindly gave us permission to use it for the game) helping us Yarnbomb a local tree on Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs. I believe it is the only time a cop has EVER been caught yarnbombing ;) Speaks volumes about our village and our police department (they ROCK).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How your images can become an orphan work

very quickly
What is an orphan work?
a few years ago I posted a blog entry called Glorious Colours in Nature
and included this image of  some  peacock feathers I had scanned.  The image to the left is the print out of the original blog entry when my background was black. 
I did a reverse image search and it's all over the flipping place,being used on book covers, blog entries, religious sites, for sale, on pinterest. Some sites using it still have my file name attached to the image and it's listed on polyvore as mine with a link back, but over time others added their own file name or the file name got changed when it was shared.

Each time someone shares an image it's like Chinese Whispers, by the time it's spread all over the net nobody knows who it belongs to.

However in the end it's NOT impossible to trace the image back to me. Astonishing that one site Free4Twitter is offering it for FREE without any consideration to the fact that it was subject to copyright on google search.
Here it is used on a book cover and nope, you guessed,I don't get any royalties or credit. 

 BIG story in the UK
Changes to UK copyright law that will put fb, twitter and instragram images at risk.
"many images found online are being "orphaned" shortly after they appear due to the fast and ubiquitous nature of images that are uploaded, retweeted, shared and pollinated around the world, making it impossible to track down the original owner."

Not impossible,reverse image search can find the original owner ;)

I made the mistake of thinking that because I had so few visitors to my blog, very few comments or inquiries about my work that people were not interested and just passed by.

I certainly didn't imagine my scanned peacock feathers would be used. I assumed anybody can scan peacock feathers and I just plonked the photo right here on my blog.

My big lesson is to never underestimate or undervalue my work or photography again. 

  1. Always watermark/embed a signature no matter how mundane you think your image is.
  2. Reduce your image file to a thumbnail size
  3. Add your blog address into the file name

What happens to images on Pinterest
Tips for protecting your images on Pinterest

Creators Against Pinterest

Your Photos?
 Not according to photo sharing apps 

Tips and Techniques to Protect Images 
courtesy of Greg Cope

Tools for cropping & resizing images 

Artist Marketing Resources has a wealth of information for artists as well as excellent links.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Francesca was the BEST model

Okay the other model was GREAT too.
One of the local artists in our life drawing group brought her poodle today
and what a sweet dog
 Dogs are very healing! and this one enjoyed mega cuddles and attention. It also reminded how much I miss Rufus :(
 I can't say my concentration level was very good, not due to the dog though, but it was nice to get into the studio today. I just love the smell of a working 
 studio and the owner is an avid oil painter, so being around his art is a joy.

Oh my, this ARTS org should know better.

Matter has been resolved
Really appreciate the email & apology
thank you

So a CT art org used my art to make a button for their ARTWALK FUNDRAISER
How about a 
Donate to Corrine Fund
Because not ONE person, not ONE company, not ONE organization has offered to pay me for my work, let alone give me any credit.
Here is the original © C.Bayraktaroglu
oh! and if you are wondering how I knew this was my painting underneath their donate button, apart from the reverse image search matching it up and finding it, it still had my file name attached. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I am NOT Damien Hirst

and I certainly don't get paid like him.
The ongoing saga of copyright infringement  "spin painting white blossom"
Photograph of spin art by  
corrine bayraktaroglu


Relisted on Etsy AGAIN 
and this is the fourth time I have to file a dmca notice with Etsy 
again they state it's a vintage print from the 80's. Different Seller and different shop, same country and same as the other shop valuevintage prints. 

 Wikioo has my painting as a Damien Hirst and public domain

spin painting white blossom

Relisted on Etsy AGAIN 
and this is the third time I have to file a dmca notice with Etsy 

Relisted on Etsy 

Being sold on Etsy along with a certificate of authenticity 
Advertizing classes

Back on Wahoo Art AGAIN
Still listed on French Amazon

June 30th, 2014

June 22nd, 2014

Youtube video

May 7th, 2014

April 5th 2014
still listed on AMAZON UK but not using my image and not currently available  
and worldwide on wahoo art


Copies still being sold on

Oh Dear, Wiki Paintings had for some odd reason attributed my painting to Damien Hirst.
How the heck it got on there is beyond me. 
 and now it get's really WEIRD
advertized about the Tate Modern.
some company is selling it on Amazon
by a production company for Wonderspun logo
as part of a video and app on itunes
by Kudan
here it is on a pawn shop to the stars in Beverly Hills
Nasty Gal-company website (about the company)REMOVED.

Used as a logo for Hanukka night fundraiser
here it is on Lucid Dreaming Productions

also listed on Songbird.ME released by art in motion music
(nice that they removed it recently on their own volition)

I asked my daughter if she still had it and yes, it was still hanging on the wall in the garage. 
 Been stuck in the garage for a couple of years and fell off once, so is chipped.
I sent a message to wikipaintings as soon as I saw it this morning letting them know that the image is not a Hirst painting, but not sure if anyone is taking me seriously. 

Featured Or Seen In
Wiki Paintings Visual Art Encyclopedia
BESTIN UA Magazine Russia-slide 8
Coffee Fellowship Magazine Vietnam
ZERO music and culture Turkey
Smugtitt Design on this blog in Norway
24-7 OF LIFE 
Sneakhype-online Lifestyle Magazine

This list of course doesn't include all the blogs, social networks, pinterest that this image has spread to.

For Sale

(after I alerted them they removed the listing, no thank you or anything, and gee I wonder how many they sold)
wow, I couldn't even sell it for $10 at the local cirque carnival.
ART4Home-starting price only $196.42

Just found this Oc/13/2013
0.29 of the video

Here is how a Million  Dollar Company reacted to my request they remove my image from their site.

Exploitation by Kudan Augmented Reality

Another One of my Spin Art paintings on YET another Album?

A major music production company
and somehow my spin art painting 
is  on the 12" Gitan Single.

 thumbnails of my painting are all over the net. Y

Am I flattered that my art is used on a well known pop singers record? 

Do these record companies, producers, singers, graphic designers,  like to get paid for their work? Do they have copyright to their work? 

I would have been VERY flattered if I had been asked, credited and payed
otherwise the answer to my question
is NO. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

How did my spin art painting end up on a record label?

 Just google it and my image is all over the net? But there it is with Prospect Records 
and used for pop singer Mario Calegari's album.
They have their Logo on it!
Did anybody ask permission
Oh, you think I got paid for it's use.
Did I receive any credit for my art

It is one of my vinyl record series number 2 
and the original is currently hanging in my house (photo coming soon).
ps.can painting by nancy mellon
Was also on my flickr page, which is now deleted, and  posted on the arts and crafts blog 

A Clown is using it too.

I was told by a contact person via company fb message they were sorry, but it was not used for commercial purposes.

This is just one page of the search and all of them are linked to sites that are selling/promoting the music.
Including Itunes 
Which part of this is NOT commercial?

I got a counter claim from youtube after I filed a dmca notice and  it says by the counter claimer they have all rights to the material. I am guessing the record company didn't let them know ?
The marketing firm dropped the counter claim after seeing my info

Thanks to Artist Marketing Resources for highlighting this issue


The group DUTTY MOONSHINE is using it too.

Same image listed on juno record charts by disc jockey
on just funked grrrrr - removed
Sound cloud dj page - removed