Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Amazing Joy and Power of Art: 2016 Reflections

The year started off horrible as the word cancer echoed and bounced around my head like a demonic ping pong ball. Friends and family, acquaintances online and off rallied and gave me the gift of their kindness, support, and way too much chocolate ;) It meant the world and I can't thank you enough. They did something else, they made me laugh each day when I left the house and I saw my front trees boobbombed with donated knitted, crochet, felt and plastic circles and boobs.Dear Nancy, oh you were
crochet knit graffit
a darling friend to help me put them together and install them. They are down now, BUT they will be seen in a new way later this year ;)
breast cancer supportTo cope with the daily radiation treatment for six weeks I painted a stone a day. I would go straight to the studio after radiation treatment and paint. I focused ONLY on getting that stone painted and went into that zone artists often talk about, meditative and lost in the moment. Nothing else existed except that moment in the studio. I began to look forward to seeing what the heck I would paint the next day and seeing that countdown bowl fill up. I am in the clear for now. Things got better, in fact a WHOLE lot better. After finishing my 6 weeks of radiation, then 6 weeks of an Artist Residency with jafapal Nancy I was rewarded with the privilege and joy of spending a month with my beautiful  new granddaughter and her mama and baba in Arizona. Got filmed for the Art Show, have two exhibits and several art projects lined up and now do doodles for diba. New hopes, dreams and joys influence art just as much as sorrow does, and art influences life. So the year has ended on a much happier note.
 ps. whoever stuck all those chairs in our trees, you made me laugh my arse off

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yellow Springs a Winter Wonderland

It was pure magic this morning in Yellow Springs, Ohio and our jafagirl Butterflies looked so pretty with little bits of snow on them. Spent some time walking by Ellis Pond on Polecat Road which is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful place.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Courage to Fail in Art

hand embroidery
  There is that frustrating moment when you realize that the hours of stitching are for naught and you must pull out every stitch and redo. My satin stitch was just not working to my satisfaction but third time lucky on the lips.  I have this vision floating in my mind of how I want the piece to look BUT whether it will work or not is another story. So it was with trepidation that I cut up the parts that I plan to collage onto blue fabric. 
We shall see if this works.
Keep Your Fingers Crossed.

Nana Notes
I have started a wee page of drawings for my grandaughter on instagram called 
Hope you visit and enjoy

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Night of the Booby Bird

Sometimes the back of an embroidery intrigues me more than the front and thus ensues a struggle between whether I use the front or the back, sigh!  This is wip of a piece I call "night of the booby bird".  One night early in my breast cancer diagnosis the moonlight streamed in the window. Insomnia flew in and pecked at my soul and I felt the curse of the booby bird.