Monday, October 15, 2018

Textile Art - Eye-Gor the Owl

I got a flash of an idea one morning that I'd like to try and make an owl inspired by an ipad doodle I did a couple of years ago. Since I had no pattern I just ended up winging it each step of the way. 
What fun trying to figure it out.

For those interested in the process
1. It started with crumpled paper for the core, masking tape to bind it until I got a general shape.
2. Wire and masking tape for the feet.
3. I then wrapped the form in plaster of paris casting tape.
4. Epoxy clay for the eyes (turkish evil eye beads for the center of the eye), the eyelids, the beak and the feet.
5. Once everything dried and hardened I then started cutting small pieces of fabric for the body and gluing each one on. Added frayed strips around the eyes and face.
6. Hand embroidered the wings

NOTE: Had I to do again I would have added some weights inside as it's very light and easy to knock over. 
Eye-Gor is a nod to the GREAT Marty Feldman.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Postcard for Miniature Art Exhibit at Yellow Springs Arts Council

What a surprise to see my Ridiculously Expensive Felt Strawberry used for the Yellow Springs Arts Council upcoming exhibit ♥  Thank you. 
It's also wonderful to be able to have that thread of connection to a village and people I love. 


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