Monday, August 25, 2014

Bears at Monument Circle

Indianapolis Indiana

Designed by Bruno Schmitz and part of a 40 foot high bronze candelabra in monument circle. You can read a little about this fabulous "Soldiers and Sailors" monument on this website by Max Kade.
Bruno Schmitz Candelabra
Background building is The Circle Tower and listed on the National Register as a prime example of Art Deco architecture. 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vintage Tablecloths

black and white photograph of washing line
I somehow lucked out at a preview of a estate sale and found a pile of beautiful hand embroidered linen tablecloths. They were made by a German War Bride back in the 60's and I suppose if I was a dealer I would have flipped out, but as a lover of textiles and embroidery I shall treasure these.
paint by number jesus

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hand Embroidery: Butterfly Series

amazing hand embroidery
I wanted to explore translating  my photography of graffiti, and some of my paintings into stitch and chose the butterfly as a symbol of metamorphosis. The center pieces (except the Damien Hirst one) were found after each butterfly was finished and were chosen not only for their aesthetic value but also to reflect something about the butterfly.

Each one took several months of work and are all hand stitched on cotton, with a felt and wire backing, some subtle touches of paint, beading, and  stitched with 1-strand dmc embroidery floss. Stitches are a mixture of long&short,satin stitch and french knots.

About the Butterflies
I used to love seeing how the graffiti would change on a building facing the bike trail in Yellow Springs. 

Spin Bird 
Won the "artist of distinction" award from the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Spin Painting White Blossom
 Why I have Damien Hirst in the center

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hand Embroidery: Spin Art Butterfly

I thought I would experiment and see if I could do an embroidery version of my spin art painting, Spinlicious from 2010.  I picked the butterfly because it's a symbol of transformation. 

The glass bird in the center was a gift from a jafapal, Karen. I had told her I needed something for the center that would integrate into the piece and compliment it. We just about flipped when we tried the little glass bird out, because it looked like it was meant to be. 

Craftivism in Yellow Springs

yellow springs craftivism
Nancy and I don't do a lot of yarnbombing or textile installations in town nowadays, BUT once in a while we're moved to do something.
Seeing so many news stories about children around the world dying in war zones, gun deaths etc we wanted to create a wee memorial. You can read more about it on our jafagirl blog.

Join in, create your own installation

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Creative Future and Kurt Sutter

 "the for-profit-theft of creative works jeopardizes the rights of all creative individuals."

Kurt Sutter has a few words!
I Created Sons of Anarchy. Here's Why I Hate Google's Stance on Copyright.

Meanwhile I continue to see companies and musicians exploiting my artwork, particularly my spin paintings.  Asking websites/companies and search engines to remove them and respect my copyright is frustrating to say the least. 

Why spend the time on it?
Well apart from being like everyone else and expecting to get credit and/or be paid for my work, there is the issue of others claiming copyright to my work and filing dmca notices and claims against ME. You don't think that can happen, think again.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Camera Buddies

Once a week I go bike riding with a fellow artist, Sandi Sharpe, and we take pictures.
black and white photograph urban
Always fun to see how different our camera eyes are and what we choose to focus on. This week we went to Antioch College old Kiln by Corry Street in Yellow Springs. I just loved the simple beauty of this plant growing through a crack and casting a lacy shadow.
Nature always finds it's way.
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