Monday, July 27, 2015

Art And The Passionate Flirtation With Life

Joseph Cornell: how the reclusive artist conquered the art world - from his mum's basement

I have never been a big fan of Cornell's work but after reading this article I certainly appreciate it a lot more. What really resonated was his feelings of "luxuriating in what he described as "the teeming life of the metropolis" and soaking it all in.  He could be enraptured by anything from watching a garbage collector, a dog, a bird, leaves blowing in the wind. All of it pointed to a romance with the world or for me it is a passionate flirtation with life.  Perhaps that explains why I have such a need to express/process it all in so many ways as an artist. Currently that need is expressed with daily drawing and ipad art, which is not to say I don't continue working on other mediums, however ipad art is at the forefront at the moment. 

Corner ChinWag
It's a brolly buster morning in Ohio today and rather soothing to listen to 
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Dreaming aside, getting ready for the Groovy Art Market coming up next month.
more info here

For those struggling with their creativity here is a list of "5 ways to rediscover your art and reclaim your passion" courtesy of the Skinny Artist.

Something to be said about all those mundane instagram shots huh ;)

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