Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Hidden Gem: Montezuma's Well in Arizona

Montezuma's Well: A Living Desert Oasis - DesertUSA

The fascinating story of central Arizona's Montezuma's Well; a sinkhole, a collapsed underground limestone cavern filled with water located in Montezuma Castle National Monument.

Montezuma's Well is one of those places often bypassed as people explore the more recognized attractions in Arizona, but what a little gem of a place this ancient sinkhole and 1/2 mile paved trail is. The steep stairs 
down to the sinkhole itself was blocked off the day we went but the rest of the trail was fine. We were advised to watch the trail as a park ranger was out checking a report of a rattlesnake on the trail. Glad to say the only critters we saw were lizards and these.
We also walked down to the shaded forest with the biggest sycamore trees I've ever seen next to the small canal. The air was heavy with the beautiful scent of mesquite blossoms, and a welcome cooler temperature than the 109 degrees on the trail.
I could have spent hours sitting here, it was so peaceful and COOL, as in temperature cool.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Is Your Art a Hobby, Professional or a Lifestyle?

These questions come a lot for many involved in the arts. I used to get perplexed when when working professionally as an artist  when some people would state what a nice hobby to have. I had regular studio/workshop hours, was working full time as a artist, selling my work, having shows, licencing my images, and was fully embroiled in the act of trying to earn a modest living from art. You don't tell a doctor or a lawyer it must be nice to have such a fulfilling hobby, so why presume it's a hobby for an artist. I am now retired from the business of art, but haven't retired from being an artist, YET I still can't really call it a hobby despite what this NYT article calls it.

The Case for Having a Hobby

Last spring, I forgot the word for hobby. I was on a hike with friends, and I was explaining how much happier my spouse had become recently after starting a band with some friends. "It's just nice for them, I think, to have this creative outlet that's not their job," I told my friends.
 If what we do defines us then creating art goes way past being a hobby. 
I really loved Laura Farrell's take on the issue of art as a lifestyle in this Elephant Journal article.
 "An artist breaths art all around us, they let it fill their soul, and then they let it fill the spaces they occupy. It is applied to every aspect of their life".

Meanwhile in the Studio
I'm working on a small textile graffiti piece for a group exhibit next year.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blogger: Dear Anonymous Commentators!

Visitors rarely leave a name or initial when they comment but somehow they think I should let them know something, and publish their comment. I have no clue who you LOL! 

Anon ONE:  In reply to your comment that after you left a comment on my blog you now get email alerts for every single comment posted on my blog. Please read this carefully; I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THAT, YOU DO, UNSUBSCRIBE sheesh!

Anon TWO:  You keep telling me my blog has been a major inspiration for your community project. Unless you elaborate or share who you are I don't see what I am supposed to think of that, flattered or something? You spam my blog with the same comment over and over sheesh! I mean how long has this project being going on, seems endless ;)

Anon THREE: This is hilarious, you keep asking how I made this BRILLIANT website. DUH! it's a flippin' template provided by blogger. sheesh!

Anon FOUR:  You have several times claimed I have spelling mistakes all over my blog, LOL!

Anon FIVE: what is with the commentators asking how they can contact me? My contact form is on my SIDEBAR, put yer' speckies on.
slang spelling INTENTIONAL.

Anon SIX: I can't offer advice to thin air. I don't know who you are, and even if I did why am I supposed to spend time giving you support or advice. You don't support me, buy my art, follow me and comment on my artwork and photography?

Anon SEVEN: You say you came upon my blog by accident, well of course you did ;) and  Bless your Heart NOT - you have bookmarked my blog too. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

White Sands National Park in New Mexico

White Sands National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)

White Sands home page

I can't even begin to share the awe of seeing this park, it's magnificent.  My advice though is go in the fall or winter, because it was brutally hot by the time we got there and it hadn't even reached the alert stage. Spending too much time out on the dunes isn't a good idea what with the heat and then the reflected heat.  As you can see on the Link to White Sands official website there is an alert for temps 100 degrees and above. It was about 97 degrees on the day we went and I drank so much water/sports drinks I was sloshing around like a water barrel and had to keep getting in the car to cool down. 
 Oh! and WEAR a hat.