Tuesday, December 26, 2006

sketchbook: window of the soul

A sketchbook where everything gets dumped into it, images of things, words, poems, etc. Maybe a window to the authors soul? I suppose that depends on the owner of the sketcbook and the perception of others.
I thought it hilarious when my neighbour from glasgow told me she had never heard the Geordie version of tell tale tit (it isn't like we live thousands of miles from each other and come from completely different cultures) and I hadn't heard her version either.
Geordie: tellie tale tit, yer tongue'll get bit, aal the little dickie birds will come an have a bit.
Glasgow:Tell tale tit. Yer mammy cannae knit, yer daddy cannae go tae bed Withoot a dummy tit
Here is one version I heard in America: Tattletale, tattletale : Hanging on a bull's tail : When the bull has to pee : You will get a cup of tea.
How was it said where you are from?
Oh I was tagged by Lyn. so here goes.
6 weird things about myself
1. I like boiled sea snails called winkles dipped in vinegar
2. I like to decorate rubber cockroaches
3. I like my hair to look like bed hair (daughter says I am beginning to rememble my dog-oh that means I must look cute huh!)
4. I think nothing of using porcelain teeth in a peice of art
5. I once bought fake eyeballs off ebay
6. I like dipping french fries in mayonnaise

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm so sexy it kills me! & Xmas Tree Art


Don't you ever watch the VS angel ads and say to yourself, "oh yea, I always walk around the castle grounds in winter or come down the grand staircase in me bra and knickers all the time." Ah those seasonal ads!
Sketchbook doodles : the art of a tree
Remember the fad last year for hanging xmas trees upside down. It isn't exactly a new fad, goes back to 600 Ad thanks to a brit monk!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

YES! That Elusive Art Muse

came to me last night just as I drifted off to sleep. I thought, "wow what a good idea". Then I spent the last few seconds desperately telling myself I must remember what my muse said, must remember! must remember! This morning I remembered and I wrote it down in my sketch book that was on my nightstand. I have no idea what it means or relates to, but heck I am going to work on it.

Meanwhile here is a photograph of a painting I did in my second class with Marie Linnekin at Ann Arundel Community College in 1996.
It is called "Doomed Pair" and originally it was just the still life pairs on the cloth at the left. I couldn't stand it, just seemed so boring to me. I was staring at it one day and thinking, oh whoop de do, two nice looking pairs sitting there all beautiful forever, so what! What really happened to the pairs. One rotted before I finished the paintings and the other got chopped up. So I ripped the painting out of the stretchers and glued it to another canvas showing what really happened to the pairs. The artist Lorenzo Dow Benedict who juried it into a my first show said it was like Courbet gets revenge on Francis Bacon. I got a real kick out of that. It was the first time I had entered a juried show and the first time I realized that I really had it in me to paint and the first painting I was really proud of.
We don't often get to hear much about our paintings after they are purchased, but I did find out something about this one.
A couple bought this painting quite a few years ago and several years later it ended up being part of a minor custody battle in their divorce (the husband got to keep it in the end.) The wife did buy another one of my paintings.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quicky Painting

Okay, I can't claim to have my muse back yet, but I rose to nancy's challenge to do a bulldog painting. It isn't supposed to be a serious painting, just a quick study to get my hands moving with a paint brush.

So what goes tick tock woof? answer is at the bottom of the post.

My neighbor has two dogs. One of them says to the other, "Woof!" The other replies, "Moo!" The dog is perplexed. "Moo? Why did you say, "Moo'?" The other dog says, "I'm trying to learn a foreign language."- Morey Amsterdam

A watchdog.

I know it's a groaner, but what do you expect out of a Christmas Cracker eh! Here is an old list from the bbc of the top ten cracker jokes.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Using Photographs in Art

Someone said to me about this painting, “it looks like a photograph” and I responded, “oh, no it’s an oil painting.” At the time I thought she meant it looked like a collage or something, but later I realized she was perhaps questioning whether I had done it from a photograph.
There have a number of discussions on various blogs and art sites discussing the use of photographs by painters lately. I know there are purists and elitists out there that will dismiss an artist or their work if they think you use a photograph.

Yes, I did it, eek!! I used a photograph, I sometimes do. It depends on the effect and statement I am trying to make with a particular piece of work. For this painting I set the scene up and asked my daughter to pose with a specific image in mind.
For me photographs are just one more tool in my arsenal/repertoire of tools for me to use. Just for the record it isn’t because I can’t draw. As you can see from  this study
 of a plaster cast used in a classical drawing class I took with Karen Warshal at Ann Arundel Community College I can draw quite well I believe. 

I just discovered this blog in which the author talks about famous artists who used photographs and thought it would be interesting to share.