Sunday, July 31, 2011

Capturing moments and sketchbook

I love to capture moments and this was one of my fave's from Cirque Carnival in Yellow Springs.  It's been a lifelong habit of recording the world around me and putting them in diaries/scrapbooks, that has morphed into sketchbook/scrapbook and blogging (here, on the arts couuncil blog and jafagirl blog)

So here I am with bits of my life that may be about as interesting as watching a bird sit in tree for hours on end. BUT hey! if you're into bird watching (and I am a spuggy after all), sit back and enjoy.  

I got my hands on my daughters Bienfang Watercolour Pen set and been having fun with them in my sketchbook.

watercolour pen, pencil, photo collage, yarn, acrylic paint, pen & ink

I have never used them before, and I am loving them (I did the eye and the spider leaves and edge of paper with them). 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Internationalist Planner

 Was so happy to see that my street art sticker "mutiny against conformism" was included in this fab New Internationalist Planner.  I thought it was just going to be part of a small calendar, but this planner is so much MORE."This Planner combines a practical weekly diary with images of action and activism – an exciting collection of photos and illustrations to reflect the cultural richness of our world." as well as three pages of links for various organizations ranging from Human Rights, Peace, Fair Trade etc.

Here is their online shop, magazine AND a blog. This month the magazine's focus is 

Back in the Studio
It's a mess, okay, it's ALWAYS a mess. I try to keep it tidy, but I swear there are studio monkeys that enjoy creating kerfuffles in the night. Meanwhile hard to get any work done, in the middle of so many planning stages for projects, have visitors, and planning a trip. So it seems I will be blogging, dribbles and drabbles, and bit's and bobs.

Our 10 seconds of fame
The Jafagirls were fed pizza and beer for modeling in HappyJoel's video footage for a commercial contest.

Such is life here in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Sunday, July 24, 2011

1970's Vintage Cat Embroidery

Back in 1970, when even buying a banana was a luxury we could ill afford and I was consumed with the ills of poverty and tragedy,I found a way to create. Not from kits or patterns,but scraps of thread I scrounged and an old pillowcase.  I don't know where I got the pattern for the cat embroidery. It wasn't a transfer (couldn't afford that), and I can't remember if I made it up or not?  I do remember sitting on the settee in what was once my nana's council house, and was now our home, and all the woes of the world were held at snarling bay as I stitched away.

I look at it now and remember each stitch, the pain is gone, and what remains is a beautiful reminder that a life nurtured can blossom.

"Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good"
Romans 12:21

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yarnbombed Mannequin Hand

After attending the Huichol Painting workshop I wanted to try my hand at doing a 3 D object, so I did a spare hand I had around the studio.

  I couldn't get a hold of the special beeswax/pine resin the Huichol use, so I just used YES paste glue.

Street Art

I managed to get a shot at cirque carnival night of stilt man leaning on our (jafagirl) yarnbombed pole and a pic of my bad bad bad angel painting I'd installed on the fence behind him.
"In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine"

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just when it seems a distant past

I am happily suprised and reminded that to others it's still new and novel. I'm talking about the knit knot tree (it's in my banner in the middle). My photograph of it is going to part of a German television show in an episode called "around the world" broadcasting on the 22nd October.  It was also picked as one of the graffiti knitting greats on craftycraftytv website-thank you ♥ I really like what they said about it too.

Meanwhile in the present

Up to me eyeballs in projects,doing the gum wall at Cirque Carnival friday, photographing events for the Arts Council's YS Experience weekend, oh! & something else but will have to look at the index card list(hum when I find the card).

Signing off
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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Getting the guest room ready for  special visitors ♥ Apple Green for the Walls, and doing a series of three heart paintings for the side wall.

Acrylic on Wood with a glued on piece of reverse painting on plastic.

The colour scheme is based on a turkish ceramic plate that I have had for years and just adore the colours.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Caught in a Trap

or is it?
I've been so involved with embroidery that I've neglected drawing/painting & it's starting to gnaw at my bones.
So what a delight to see Aminah Robinson's exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art and be reminded of how they can be integrated.
Drawing on Paper with fabric, buttons, beads and sewing.

I wasn't expecting to see Aminah's exhibit, but had gone at the invitation of The Cincinnati Art Snob to check out another exhibit. I've always enjoyed Kathy's keen observations on her blog so it was GREAT to meet her IRL.
I tend to put my all into ONE project at a time, and while I don't plan to start another one, I think playing a bit is in order.

Progress Report

Hum, I love the unstitched parts and wish I hadn't filled all the coils in. Will have to try this on something else.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


2011 Gaunt Park Yellow Springs, Ohio

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Best of the Road Contestants: Knitty Gritty Mischief

Traveling Jules and Traveling Joan got up to knitty jafagirl mischief in Yellow Springs on their visit and we LOVE it.

These knit twits are so fun an easy to make, just knit a little band, attach some velcro and crochet or felt flowers. You can put them up in a jiffy and make a place spiffy with your yarny love in no time.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Rand McNally Video of Yellow Springs

What a fab job the Rand McNally team did capturing the essence of Yellow Springs, Ohio. I see some of my FAVE locals and friends like jafalass Karen (speaking British), the teen band Wheels, and Beetoe (Queen of the beasties), and Oh I see Mr.Plato too. 

Received a Commemorative Medallion

Yes, this came in the mail.

At first I thought it was some kind of sales pitch and then I read the letter.
It was a token of appreciation from Congressman Steve Austria for being one of the judges in the 2011 7th Congressional District Art Competition.  It was a joy to do, thanks.

Meanwhile in Jafabrit's Studio

I am still plodding along with my embroidery and graffiti painting. Seem to be very slow lately, not sure why, hum!!!!!! Gotta do something about that.  

How cool that my humble little spray paint yarnbomb is included in the list of "12 Amazing Pieces of Yarn Bombing" at Oddee.
thanks Gracie