Wednesday, November 29, 2006

gannin to the Baltic

Newcastle Quayside

This is when I was back home in September and mum and I went to the Quayside. I'm on the top floor of the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art. I remember it when it was a flour mill (that's going back a few years). Was wonderful to see it transformed into an art center. Would have loved seeing this exhibit, "spank the monkey" coming up sept-jan 2007.
They say: "This exhibition will be the first serious international examination of urban and suburban art bridging the gap between the street and the traditional art space.". Looks very cool.

Miss you mum :(

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sketchbook Drawing of Mask

A wooden mask from Peru.
It is amazing how quickly I got out of the habit of drawing, so it was nice to just sit quietly and take all the time I needed to draw.
I have so many projects that I realized I just have to take one day at a time and not stress. Last attempt to work in my sketchbook I rushed it.
I have the Queen Vic gig next weekend and have to sit in the window at the Emporium and make ornaments. I am working on a new website for the arts council (more on that later).

"Big Brother"
This is oil on canvas with a canvas patch sewn into it. Currently this is being exhibited at the Emporium Cafe in Yellow Springs until the end of November.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Emporium Exhibit: ugly pretty things

oil on wood

"I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head
without any other consideration. "
Frida Kahlo
If you would like to see more of her work and life, please visit here.
My exhibit is up until the end of November at the Emporium in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
If interested in purchasing painting please contact me at:

Monday, November 13, 2006

art motivation

Anna Seller's asked what is your art motivation? Hum! I had to stop and think for a minute since I seem to be blocked at the moment and rather obsessed about that. I am working around it though :)
What motivates me:
Well it certainly isn't the money LOL! (bless gallery owners Mike and Sheryl for their support despite that wee problem). I suppose it boils down to a very basic need to create or be doing something creative all the time. I love the smell of a studio and a workshop, the act of painting, of cutting wood, the act of putting into visual form something that has moved me. What motivated this painting was very simple, I wanted to see if I could paint a mouth open and paint a tongue. Can't give you any logical reasons why his neck is twisted.

I call it "you assume wrong" because people seem to think or assume there is some motive behind it, especially because there is a flower going through the head. I don't blame them, but the truth is that the flower was put there to solve a compositional problem. I was driving along somewhere and I was distracted trying to figure out the dead space and what supported his head and all of a sudden WHAM! I had a visual of a flower. Problem solved.
so there ya go, sometimes motivation has to do with a desire to paint a tongue just because I had never done it before. LOL!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Drawing Challenge

How many have ever tried to draw with your eyes closed? This is a self portrait and my dog rufus. If any of you try it post it on your blog for us to see :) It would be fun to add your links to this entry when you post a pic. I did this and then though, hum wonder if others have done it and googled "drawing with eyes closed" and walla! up came De Kooning.
Here is a couple of drawings by de Kooning called
" Drawings with Eyes Closed".

check out Sue Beyer's figure drawings. I wouldn't even attempt a full figure, but wow these are great. cynthia does a keen self portrait and Snoo's self portrait is adorable. Jessica did three and I had a hard time deciding which one I loved best. Now I think I am really inspired to do another one.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mistakes in Art

This is from my sketchbook ( a mixture of collage, acrylic, and drawing.) Initially this is what "gold" was supposed to look like. I loved the face, the background, but I didn't like below the neckline at all, seemed unresolved. Anyway I painted it in oil on wood and left it to dry with the thought I could go back and resolve it. Hum, never try to glaze over damp paint. I could have screamed (actually I used some very loud colourful metaphors that I shan't repeat here), as soon as I brushed the glaze over the face it lifted the paint. After calming down and staring at the blank patchy black background it revealed to me what I wanted to say with this piece. Behind the white face were a thousand other faces of those who suffered a terrible fate for no other reason than they served under the enemy, the boers.
I don't know who said this, "'there are no mistakes, only opportunities" but I think it's good to remember. Even if a piece can't be saved there are lessons to learn from it, and sometimes if we are lucky we can see that the mistake is actually a hidden treasure.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Art Exhibits in Yellow Springs

"ugly pretty things" at the Emporium the month of November.
This is one of the pieces in the exhibit called "Gold"
In 1887 the world’s largest gold field was discovered in the Transvaal, South Africa. Transvaal President Paul Kruger said: “Instead of rejoicing you would do better to weep, for this gold will cause our country to be soaked in blood.” It didn’t take long for this prophetic statement to come true. After British colonial leaders were unable to annex the Boer republics and attempts to overthrow the government failed war was finally declared in 1899. In 1901 Lord Kitchener ordered that concentration camps be built to house thousands of Boer women and children, and separate camps for the Africans who served under the Boers. The war ended 1902, but not before the deaths of thousands of women and children. It is estimated that 28,000 Boers died in the camps, (22,000 were under the age of 16) and around 20,000 in the African camps.

Peek a Boo at The Village Artisans. Each artwork requires the viewer to open the door, the curtain or lift the lid to see what's inside and there are some fun surprises.

"the Faces of Iran:Before you call me enemy, find out who I am" is at 108A Dayton Street and features photos taken by the Dayton International Peace Museum Director Steve Fryburg.

Nancy will be in a group show at The Winds Cafe (show starts Nov 6th) for the month of November.

THANKYOU nancy for helping me hang my show at the emporium, your guidance and help was invaluable. Have monday marked to help you hang yours :)