Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A bit comic relief on women's reproductive health

First watch this important message from these male experts. I had no idea it was called a tummy pocket lol! 
a message 
embroidered and painted photograph
People are entitled to their opinion, just not in the docs office.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vinyl Art

Whenever I find old vinyl records that are no longer usable, I keep them for painting. I kind of went mad for a while with spin art :)

 but lately I love them for free art friday. Easy to paint, easy to hang, or stick up (lightweight)

When I was driving by this graffiti in town I thought, wow
 this is where the FAF piece has to go.

Free Art Friday stencil of Claire

Stencil is based on a photograph I took of my daughter quite a few years ago and had experimented with on adobe photoshop.

Creative & Cool Ways to Reuse Old Vinyl Records

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Accidents in Art

Artist Peter Max said, " Don't worry about mistakes. Making things out of mistakes, that's creativity"  or another way to look at is Embracing Creative Failure:Cultivating Happy Accidents.

Well at least I think it's a happy accident :)  and see some potential for further use in a variety of ways. It started off as a gone wrong stencil in my sketchbook (don't try and use a cardstock stencil twice unless you want a gloopy mess). I cut it out of the messy page in a circle, and collaged an eye on it and stuck it in the sketch book. I then accidently dripped some ink and yellow paint on it, and so I added the drip.  I decided to posterize it on adobe.

Considering how messy my studio is it's hardly surprising I have arty accidents! Maybe next week I start with spending 5 hours cleaning the studio first or maybe NOT ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 hours later AND Gender Fluidity with Linda Stein

Painted Bone by Jan Jackson, one of the original Jafa's before she moved away, and it has NOTHING to do with my blog entry, except for the word NOTHING.
Full of excitement, rushing into the studio 9am, and 5 hours later, NOTHING!  Well, that's a fib, I got a little something, but arg!!!!!!!!  As a friend reminded me, "studio time  also includes solving, puzzling,experimenting, finding inspiration and fixing". So if the end product is going to be worth anything, this is a valuable part of the process.

Went to listen to Linda Stein give a talk about her traveling solo exhibit "the fluidity of gender" at Antioch College last night. Very interesting but I digressed on the role of violence by Lisbeth Salander in the film "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo." Rather than being empowered and a hero I saw her as reactive and defensive, and her violence self serving (yes, I know it's a revenge fantasy and I loved the movies-don't hate lisbeth). In the context of the discussion and being a hero though, for all her smarts, she resorted to a primal reaction and solution to deal with her hate and anger. I didn't see her violence as adopting male behaviour either (to do so would to reinforce a stereotype about women would it not?). All in all though I could see the movie as a useful example for exploring gender role reversals etc. Do I have female hero's?  Yes, Suffragettes, Women Warriors such as Bodiecia, well any woman who has the courage to stand up and fight the oppressive/repressive status quo. Women who bucked the imposed confines of their gender sometimes at great cost. One example is the mathematician Hypatia who invented the hydrometer and was murdered by a gang of Christians.
Who are YOUR hero's?

Have Art: Will Travel! Inc For Gender Justice

Well these are my thoughts today. Now it's time to go off to the studio and work on my vagina flower.
Ta Ta

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Studio Shots: Textile Works in Progress

As usual I wanted to see if I could do a hand embroidery version of the stencil I did for free art friday.I tea stained linen, spray painted a stencil background and the girl(my daughter) is long and short stitch.
Working on a flower
for an upcoming exhibit Women's Voices Out Loud in Yellow Springs, Ohio
I was inspired by a link about The Project a local pal sent me.

Also working on another yarnbombing project, small but a specific theme that will make some smile with delight and others shiver in horror.  More about that another day.
Well better buzz

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting to the root of it

photograph (by moi), acrylic paint, ink, glaze 
I always gravitate towards taking photographs of trees, roots, bark. There is the "dragon tree", the "owl face tree", and bark.

Tree bark in Glen Helen

Tree Worship wiki entry
I had fun visiting Tree Whispers Blog
National Geographic Speaker discusses human connection with trees. 

Controversy but really just Mistaken Identity.
While it's not hanging from a tree but actually attached to a post, the timing and look of it has unfortunately given a wrong impression.

Racist or History? Some judges want murals removed that dredge up offensive imagery of slavery.

Condom dress banned, ahem! from (wait for it) Catholic School art show. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nesting Instinct

As in staying home and snuggling (not cleaning and organizing ahem) in AND creating a nest.
Rag Watercolour Paper, Stencil/spray paint, ink drawing, feather, stitched down loose threads for nest, french knots on flower.

So I finally got around to doing some of my online class work (with Victoria at Freedom of Stitch). 

Sparking Controversy or is it a conversation, General Franco in a Fridge has Spain all atwitter. Political painting about Obama stirring up emotions across America (really?, I didn't even know about it and now that I do, I still can't get emotional, ahem!)
Utah Senate kills controversial graffiti bill and rightly so. "Leeds City Art Gallery is at the centre of a row over the title of a work in one of its latest exhibitions (remind me not to send my f%u&k embroidery piece there ;)which has offended some visitors

AND did you know about the short lived Stupid Art Movement. I didn't even know such a movement existed, although there is a lot of stupid art around ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sketchbook: Watching Trees and Photographing your work

acrylic, ink, brush on glaze
 photo of Autumn tree in Yellow Springs, Ohio

I part the out thrusting branches
and come in beneath
the blessed and the blessing trees.
Thought I am silent
there is singing around me.
Though I am darke is vision arod me.
Though I  am heavy
there is flight around me.

Importance of Taking GOOD photographs
Last week I was scrambling after getting requests from two reporters needing images for printed articles.  One was no problem because I had high res pics of my work on file, but the other was a royal pain. Dayton City Paper needed photographs of the Yellow Springs Arts Council permanent collection but unfortunately most photographs available were too small, add to that the reporter wanted a pic of my work (which is horrible to photograph due to the resin). ARG!!!!!!!!!!! Another lesson: photograph your work before you pour resin on it, or frame it behind glass. Anyway Nancy and I had to go and take down a few pieces in the show and photograph them, and that was a pain in itself. All worth it though.

How to photograph art by J R Compton 
Important Tip: Because the colour we see vs  what the camera sees is different it helps after downloading and adjusting the image to have the original piece nearby for reference.

Friday, February 10, 2012

No Free Art Friday today BUT

I have updated the Free Art Friday blog that features artists from around the world.
I've been kind of tied up this week and not getting much artwork done. Working on various projects, taking photographs of the bell ringer for the Kiss in town.
Popped into local gallery IN A FRAME to say hiay to the owner and talk about some new work for the gallery. I love the way the owner framed a piece of my work and presented it.
have been adding names for people to the Hero Pole.

Okay, I may put out a wee felt chocolate for FAFYeS ;) tonight after I have been to the Village Artisans Reception.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


I thought I would give this recipe I saw on Robin Ellis' blog a try. No I am not a diabetic but you don't need to be to enjoy his recipes, they are so simple and delicious. This Winter Salad has fennel (my new love) and a combination of ingredients I would not have thought to put together. I would love to brag that I eat healthy ALL the time, but erm, well my brit pal Karen and I came home in curry coma's after a big lunch buffet at the local Indian restaurant. This explains why I just had a salad for dinner tonight, and it was delish!

Oh! and just in case you didn't know, food porn is not smothering food on naked bodies, it's. Why there are even flickr groups dedicated to photographs of food.
Funny old world isn't it?

  I would like to thank threadhead who give me a little award.  I always enjoy visiting her blog and seeing what she's up to :) 

Madge has a new blog called these are, your grandmother's crafts. It's fun seeing how *some* things never really go out of fashion and others ARG!!!!! Like the hairstyles, I didn't like some of them even back in the day, I was a Mary Quant girl.

and I see many of Mary Q's styles are still popular (home sewing crowd and on etsy), as are some of the hairstyles.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Little Things Please Little Minds is meant

to be a put down, to imply one indulges in trivial childish things
Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills for children, and health benefits for adults
Okay, so I'm suddenly smitten with drips and blobs on watercolour paper and it doesn't look like much.
 It's a little thing really that pleases me so, BUT it's firing my imagination (and my dreams). Next to it is a tea stained linen I spray painted.
I'm taking an online class with one of my favourite embroidery blog pals, Victoria at Freedom of Stitch.  Our first assignment was to start collecting materials and staining the pages of our sketchbook.  Mine is a rag watercolour sketchbook that I wouldn't normally buy (this is one of Victoria's fave sketchbooks and she recommended this along with others). So already this class has opened a door to a new way of playing and being enamored of the simple things in life, such as a drip and a blob on paper. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Flexing Your Drawing Skills

 It's good now and again to get out of your comfort zone, your safe place at home where nobody is watching you, and take a little workshop. I went to listen to a talk by artist in residence Patricia Cole at Antioch College a couple of weeks ago and signed up for her charcoal drawing workshop.
18"x 24" drawing paper, charcoal and conte crayon

We had to bring an item to draw that meant something to us. I brought a Zenith (Zenit-E) Camera that my husband and I had swapped a couch for back in the UK. It was the camera that first recorded our new lives in America.  We started with two loosening up exercises and then she wanted us to cover the paper in charcoal and start with a reductive drawing (an example below)

8 Ways to Improve your Drawing Skills
Drawing Exercises to Improve Drawing Skills
When looking for the highlights to erase it helps to squint at the object.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cutting out your own Stencil

Can be a royal pain, especially when it's small, but it's worth it. I spent quite a few hours creating a stencil based on a painting I did of my daughter a few years ago.

Experimented in my sketchbook (the flower is a pressed flower I had glued in earlier). Lesson I learned after I managed to do a few nice ones on cardboard is never use a spray can that has gotten clogged up. From now on I think I will buy smaller spray cans and be mindful of keeping the nozzle clean.
I am happy with the final results and will leave this one out for Free Art Friday. I glued a little felt flower onto it, just thought it was a nice touch.

Hutch Stencil Art and Videos