Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The End of an Era In Yellow Springs, Ohio

16 years of art mischief in Yellow Springs, Ohio and it all began when I met Nancy at the Yellow Springs Arts Council. 
It started with the art gallery in the local restroom, The Chamberpot Gallery, and ended with the controversial Womans'Tree ornaments outside Current Cuisine. In between there  have been two bouts of 15 minutes of fame as part of the jafagirlsexhibits, inclusion in books, magazines,
Knot Knot Tree
interviews, eyebombing, free art friday, birdbombing, street art, community projects etc etc and I am sure we made many in town groan and grumble along the way ;) It's been quite amazing for so many reasons. I got so much encouragement and support, the town folk being such good sports, having the freedom to blossom as an artist, and so many many dear friends and acquaintances I've travelled this journey with.  There will be new faces in town, new ideas and new energy and I look forward to watching it continue and blossom from afar.