Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Snaps: Ground Horse

Took a long walk in Glen Helen and it was gorgeous. I always manage to see  little creatures and not just live one's but one's that exist in the mind's eye. My husband says I'm like that little girl in the movie The Fall, always full of imagination and collecting little boxes of trinkets.
This is a tree root; looks like a horse trying to break free and run wild in the woods.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Yarn Bombing Warning and Video

I couldnt' stop laughing when I saw this cartoon on Virgil Hervey's Yellow Springs Blog. I can now add jafa street hottie to my list of titles :)

Some of the textile totems have changed since the video was made, but it still gives a good sense of Dayton Street in Yellow Springs(except two pics that are from Graffiti Alley in Ann Arbor).

Nancy and I did a 2 min interview, while working on the new peace pole, for abc/22 Dayton News "It's Where You Live" series on Yellow Springs.

Something Old, Something New

No, not talking about Nancy. I am talking about an old piece of knitting that Nancy and I stitched onto another pole (nancy did the hearts) on Dayton Street. Tried something new on Saturday . I was helping my daughter sell cupcakes at the Farmer's Market for charity and the booth next to us was selling buffalo meat. I tried some buffalo meat jerky and YUM it was good.
Okay, so I tried the buffalo meat, BUT
Squirrel Pasties?
Eating Grey Squirrels has become very popular in England and in some places they are flying off the shelves.

Bits & Bobs, This & That

Doodled in my sketchbook, made textile totem embellishments with foam, finished my vinyl record painting.

I got this from hubby on Mother's Day
Mother gets grumpy without her tea
In Case of Emergency Break Glass

Art News Blog had a link to an art competition, I thought what the heck, why not give it a go! If you have time check it out and tell me what you think.
Design your own Pizza Box

Oooh, check out pollocksthebollocks pizza box design, I would buy pizza just so I could get the box :)
Or how about this one by the Bird Proofer David Howard
Here is Maria's (busy in London with her play-woo hoo) at Baaahhh

Classical Drawing and Hair

20 minute poses and our model had this classical look that made her such a pleasure to draw, alas she is moving out of state :(
Hair is always a problem for me, and the last thing I even want to confront, but I really like how the hair and bun turned out.

From the Virtual Instructor

I found another fan of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon and check out how his work inspired this artist, Kenneth Peters, at Brush Tips.
Gonna get out my Prud'hon book, which is filled with amazing drawings. 
 Not sure how I lucked out getting this book because it is out of print and now very expensive. I picked it up in a big old bookstore in New York for $30 many moons ago and have cherished it ever since.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Copyright: Twisted Wire Face

I did a blog entry about my twisted wire face in 2011.  
now removed

what the fudge is it doing on Vimeo
and wow, this  architectural firm exhibited at the Venice Biennale. 
A large enough company to know BETTER 
used it to promote an event on their fb page

Copyright: what a peaCOCK- up

Look familiar?

Yes, my scanned feathers from 2010
How they ended up on a major publishers 70th anniversary edition book cover I don't know, and of course you GUESSED it, no credit to me, no payment, NADA. I tried emailing  thepublishing company but NO response, but here it is on amazon
here it is a

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Like erm, getting paid for my work ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yarnbombing at the Corner Cone

and spuggy sez
 there's  a right yarn going on there too.
Oh, of course I had to put a bird on it ;)
Owner Bob Swaney commissioned me to do a yarnbomb and gave me free reign. I slowly knitted it over the winter. Probably could have done it in minutes with a machine, but there is something about doing it by hand and for a specific location that makes it personalized and special. 
Bob attaching yarnbomb flower

I am pretty pleased with the finished result, although I made the knitting a little too wide, but oh well! I never pretended to be a brilliant knitter. Sprayed it with a uv spray to help reduce sun fade.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spin Art Theatre: NOT a Damien Hirst Butterfly

Imitating myself, imitating Damien Hirst, and back to myself.
If this is your first visit here, then here is the explanation for the title.

Alas my Spin Painting White Blossom by Damien Hirst NOT won't be seen in the Tate Modern, ahem!
However there may be plenty Not so cheap knockoff copies of my painting hanging in numerous homes around the world and people will be writing papers on it, and claiming they own the original ;) and maybe one day someone will be daft enough to try and sell a fake copy to Sotheby's.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Snaps: Stone and Brick

more info
There is something about country drives that are so soothing to the soul and  last week I saw this graveyard statue when we were driving through Beavercreek Ohio.
Talking about soothing I won't pretend things have been soothing lately. The constant theft of so much of my work has been very damaging to my creative incentive and pretty depressing. Suffice it to say that whatever I create has been a slow crawl back, and certainly not something I can display on my blog straight away. Just FYI, if you want to bulk register your work with the copyright office it all has to be created in the same year and published in the same month.
That means whatever I create this year has to be saved into a collection and published in the same month. On the other hand you could just register each piece, but that get's pricey. Here is a link about it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nice Try but it's still my art

 it's still MY art that was used, ahem!
Spin Flower
Oh I know, someone adjusted the hue and saturation, squished the image, and photoshopped it to look like it's sitting on hands BUT
I would love to see how anyone could possibly could have made an exact copy of mine? You see I did not use an ordinary spin art machine to create it and it took more than 5 minutes to create. It did however take me less than 3 mins to adjust the saturation on the original photo and hello!

I am sure there must be a misunderstanding, right!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Copyright Lawsuit BuzzFeed and Man fired from Job he Invented

Marie Kazalai at Artist Marketing Resources shared a link with me about a current lawsuit against BuzzFeed by a photographer.
Buzzfeed is estimated as a $200 million dollar company by the Wall Street Journal and makes it's money from advertizing.

The photographer was asked why he is asking so much and he should get a life(which is a drop in the bucket compared to the income this company makes) in his lawsuit, but really the bigger question is why should anyone/companies profit from the work of others?
When Artists try to protect their work and source of income, why take the side of lazy greedy companies or individuals who can't be bothered to do the actual work themselves?

Mutli Billion Dollar Company steals name and brand from Turner Barr who created Around the World in 80 Jobs

#make it right #80jobs

One company continues to use the photograph of my spin art spin painting white blossom. 

and giclee copies are selling on Amazon as a Damien Hirst for a hefty price.
Apparently my telling them back in May that it was copyright to me didn't make a heap of difference. 
Be nice if Amazon let me know how many were sold and I could send them a bill eh!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Copyright: It's not a DREAM, it's a nightmare

yep, another one of my spin art paintings Peacock Dream from 2010 used by a dj for a music video.

You would think all spin art looks the same but there is a certain technique I used with a  home built machine that distinguishes them.
And here it is
in the webcache dated 2011 on the jafagirls old wordpress blog a year before it got used on the music video.

Why can't people just have the courtesy of asking and crediting me? 

PS. thanks Gone Thrifting blog for removing my image.

This image  has been filed, along with many of my images, with the US Copyright Office
You want to steal it
Steal at your own peril


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What a Yarn with Banksy and Planking on a Yarnbombed Bench

okay, this one lost me LOL!
What has my pic of the jafagirl flower power pole got to do with Bansky and Exit Through the Gift Shop and when did Banksy's movie become a disaster movie ;)
Must be another one of those mux up's, I mean MIX up's!

And some  had fun with our yarnbombed 
Carpe Diem Bench 

No sound on it, but go to 1.55

and here in New Zealand all about 
Planking at 4:27 

I'm not even going to tell you where THIS image ended up
Let's just say the French enjoyed them a little too much on a particular forum
 oooh la la

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feast for the Eyes

Mine and Others
This is my view from the kitchen, well not quite as dreamy as this
 you get the picture. 
and those driving by will get a peep of this old yarnbomb jafapal Nancy and I put together. 
It was stored in the cupboard after being taken down from the Dayton Art Museum exhibit last year. Needed some fresh air.
Peeps on the Bike Trail can enjoy the gorgeous view as they go round the bend ;0 Tweet!

Have a GREAT weekend

I am off to plot serious studio work for next week in preparation for two exhibits.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Image Licence: Yes, I have something to say UK Arts Directory

Thank You
Not only are they licencing my free art friday sceaming mouth image for their website  section If You Have Something To Say, they included a blog entry with links 

As an expat Geordie, I am chuffed as mint balls they wanted to use my work on their website.

Here is their about section and uk artists can
register for free.
Now CLOSED according to fb page

Licencing Info
For those who are interested in Licencing this image for use on websites, promotional events, music videos etc, please contact me at
jafagirlart (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life Drawing: Such a Struggle

 We had a GREAT model at the studio yesterday, an absolute professional and knows how to do a range of classical poses. Boy oh boy though did I struggle, took me 20 minutes just to get this down and even then I wasn't getting it. I ask myself at times like this why the heck do I put myself through this, it's so frustrating and then I read THIS article by Judith Schaechter. It's a long read but so worth it. I particularly like the section where she talks about the artist Lino and how "process is a major factor in his inspiration". 

So as frustrating as life drawing can be at times, well most of the time, I love the process, I want to develop my skills and climb that mountain. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Drawing and Yarnbombing

And it's time for this spuggy to get on with her day, life drawing, and no doubt I will pick the most awkward angles to draw.
Okay this isn't awkward, but hands are a challenge for me and the other hand was really hard to made sense of visually.
Box-ism by corrine

 Then yarnbombing for Yellow Springs Pride

Have a GREAT day everyone!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Seeing Green one way or another

I was looking out the window and relishing all these glorious shades of green and thinking of floss and french knots and creating a little mossy woodland on my embroidery sampler.
I remember Northumberland's mossy woodlands with ferns and bogs, and little rabbits with fluffy tails, and bluebells as far as the eye could see. No wonder people believed in faerie's and elves when they walked in these woods.

French Knots, black bead, Satin Stitch and I just made the tail up so I haven't a clue if it is a recognizable stitch or not . I had SO much fun doing this little bunny, and as with all the images on the sampler so far, my OWN design (no transfers).

Member at Large
er' get that out of your mind. I wasn't talking about the external plumbing of the male species. No! I'm talking about my status as a member of the National Embroiderers' Guild of America.

Cool Stuff
Got to check out the work of Sandrine Pelletier , just love how the various media is integrated, but wow those lace/latex\resin skeletons are amazing.

Reality Check
It seems my last post resonated and I really appreciated the comments and support, thank you
Here is an article in response to a question; I wanna be a famous artist and make lots of money
Good advice to those who are pursuing the business of art, and a reality check for those who followed all the "right" steps. I'm not saying people shouldn't try, but there comes a point if you're beating your head against the wall it's time to change your approach.
I have found there's a way to make money in the arts
Write a book on how to make money as as artist
Appeal to their ego and and invite them to exhibit for a month in a vanity gallery (for a fee)
or sign up for a bogus art fair OR pay to be in a vanity publication
Scam em" (gosh why do people keep falling for this?)
Start an art school

Okay that was rather jaded, but hey this is the reality

Award Winning Artist discovers her painting used on pillows at TJ Maxxx

In April 2013 Kay visited TJMaxx and I asked her about it.
 "I discovered this unauthorized copyright infringement in April 2013 by seeing a pillow in TJMaxx/Home Goods store in Midland, TX. 
 I photographed its identifiers (face of pillow, tags front and back).  After notifying their customer service, TJX notified their designers of importer Devi Designs theft of my work.  I was told by TJX that all pillows with my floral art would be pulled from retail immediately, and they apologized.  Product was made in India and filled/finished in USA. Communication with Devi Designs has remained unanswered.  My zinnias floral has been online and copyrighted since 2007"

I asked Kay how she felt seeing her work used on pillows in a store.

"I'd just had a mammogram that day, so was feeling tired, and was wanting to check out the new TJX store.  I was stunned and speechless upon seeing the pillow.  I picked it up and looked it over carefully, saying to myself "this can't be my work...can it???" It could, and it was! The top and bottom few inches of my floral had been cropped so that my signature with the circle C for universal copyright designation was cut off and gone.  I examined a few other floral pillows there in a similar style to mine, but they were not my work; their identifying artists' signatures were also omitted.
I did seek legal advice from my lawyer niece in Phoenix, who advised getting an intellectual property attorney.  I have contacted a firm in Houston, TX, and am awaiting their reply if this is worth pursuing or not."

Kay Smith LINKS

Sadly it happens with companies like 
who are blatantly ripped off artists work
 I have heard the same convenient excuse, a vendor did it, oops sorry we removed it.

Fashion Designer rips off Jimbo Phillips


Modern Dog Designs vs Target

5 Famous Copyright Cases 

and that is just the TIP of the iceberg

How a company gets away with it when asking employees to steal copyrighted work

So, no I am not the only one facing this onslaught of outright copyright infringement and copyright theft :(
Here is my Wall of Shame