Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mad Dogs and Englishwomen:Watson Lake Arizona

"But mad dogs and Englishmen

Go out in the midday sun”

We thought we could escape the 115°f degrees in Phoenix by going to the mountain area up north to Prescott. I did doggie doodles on the two and a half hour drive up to Watson Lake. It's a lovely drive and we were looking forward to a picnic in cooler temps, HAH! It was a cool 100°f and yes, we sat in our chairs under spindly branches offering tiny bits of shade. The benches were lovely
benches around the world
 to look at but too hot to sit on, and absolutely no shade, so it was good we brought our own chairs. It was so hot my make up slid off my face. We had our picnic under the midday sun and a glorious view of Watson Lake as a storm moved across the sky. 

I closed my eyes and did this.

  “Dadirri is inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness."

– Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

It was a wonderful day

Friday, July 20, 2018

Daily Doodles with IPad Drawing: The Rabbit and The Mouse

In Ahwatukee there are a LOT of jack rabbits and we get quite a few in our garden in the mornings. I never really thought about the name so I did a search and found out they are not actually rabbits but are in fact hares. Mark Twain seems to be credited for calling them jackass rabbits due to their large ears resembling an ass.  

Since sitting at my computer or crouching over my art table is aggravating my back and is a no go for a wee while I'm using my iPad to draw. My go to drawing tool is a jot dash, which has a tip like a pencil and really does a great job with fine lines. 
For those interested in the process I start out drawing on a pro fingerpaint app.
Then I import the drawing into procreate app to tweak and add layers. Once I’m satisfied with the image I may put it through a photo filter. This one went through two filters , mextures and distressedFX.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Photos From My Chair: Chronic Back Pain and the Art of Patience

It took me almost an hour to get up from the floor. I had this bright idea that it would
recycled plastic bird
ease my back if I slept on a hard surface. To a certain degree it helped but when it came time to get up, hah! I couldn't
Like a helpless bird with a broken wing
I just lay there waiting 
Waiting for the med to kick in
Waiting to not hurt so bad 
Finally I got up
I parked myself on a chair
 I can't really move
I sit at the table
I type on the laptop
I photograph what's nearby
I wait

"Patience is not about waiting, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting."

Currently I'd say my attitude is along the lines of being a muckspout
as in
as in
Bollocks to Patience


This is my Art Life in Ahwatukee

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Fastidious Blog with Fastidious Art and The Fastidious Skull

The word fastidious seems to be a very popular word by spammers who try to leave comments on my blog. Here is an explanation why the word fastidious comes up.

very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail

I suppose it's fairly accurate ;) I do pay attention to detail when I'm working on an art piece even if it's just for fun.

The Fastidious Skull 

Anybody can get an effect using a prisma filter which I used for this skull, BUT there is quite a bit more involved than just putting an image through a filter.skull art
I used Photoshop layers of a skull and a picasso painting.  After carefully erasing parts and tweaking I upload to my ipad and then tweak further with procreate program. Once that is done then I put it through a mextures filter, and then put through a prisma filter.
Disclaimer: I am not a monetized blog so I am not getting any financial gain or credit for sharing the methodology I used.

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