Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glorious Colours in Nature

wire, embroidery, bead  art  by jafabrit

 long & short stitch on cotton, acrylic paint and wire, beads

YEA! Finished.
Now all I need to do is attach it. Of course this in no way matches the glorious iridescent colours in nature, but I had fun trying.
Found some peacock feathers at a local garage sale and scanned a couple.



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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art and Food

Hiay, thanks for dropping in jafabrit's art
 Hhope you enjoy your visit.

I thought I would try  a cutout version of my skull and moth photograph and then enhance the colours. When I have time (too many other projects to work on at the moment)  I want to do a LARGE painting of this.


Bombay Chicken Curry

This is one of many of my favourite curry recipes. Can't tell you where I got the recipe, but judging by the use of the word bhoona/bhuna I'm guessing an Indian Recipe book I used in England many moons ago.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's the Cat's Meow

Dear Visitor
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 Unfortunately due to the continued infringement, mining and exploitation of my images by individuals, spammers and companies I no longer have the incentive to show images on my blog.

wild cat skull and moth

 I lucked out when a member of my Textile Art Group was kind enough to bring me oodles of bones and skulls.
 Big thanks to Carol.
Not sure what I'll do with them YET! but meantime I'll enjoy drawing some of them.

Here is one of my favourite videos

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photography: Yellows

Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio

 Normally when we,(jafgirls) do textile/knit graffiti we try to coordinate with the surroundings, but in this case the surroundings coordinated with the pole LOL! The buildings were painted after we put up the pole and then these bright orange/yellow flowers blossomed.  It was an overcast morning and the colours were so intense the scene stopped in my tracks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meditative Art

Sample Testing Piece by the Jafagirls
Saturday morning I helped jafapal Nancy M. run a Paint Like Pollock Workshop for Getaways for Women.
I think I could have stood there another two hours, it was mesmerizing watching the paint drizzle onto the canvas.

It got kind of wild, uh huh! splashing and dripping, and some of us (not me) had paint up to the eyeballs. Amazing to see how different each one was. Lot of fun and I got to meet some great women.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Discoveries

Dear Visitor
Thank you for visiting my blog and my apologies.
 Unfortunately due to the continued infringement, mining and exploitation of my images by individuals, spammers and companies I no longer have the incentive to show images on my blog.

How Cool
I was delighted to discover of my fave sites WebUrbanist has included by hubcap (made for the Landfill Project) in it's Driven to Create: Hubcap Art article ♥

Retro Craft Corner

As I was browsing through a mccalls 1972 mag I spied these oval kits and I think this one I found thrifting last week must be one of those kits.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some paintings take forever BUT

it's worth it

"It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake "
oil on wood and resin
It's taken several months to finally finish this little still life painting. You can see how it started out here. Doing the sketchbook didn't take too long, and the dog wasn't too bad, but getting the sense of carved wood was a joyful challenge. Had to make sure the paint was thoroughly dry before pouring epoxy resin (how to here) on it.



Painting and photo by John Vesty

"A Norfolk council has banned an exhibition of nudes by a well-respected local artist, condemning them as "offensive". Sky News

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Art of Meandering and Shiny Pretty Things

It's true, I meander something rotten. I love exploring the world around me, even the seemingly mundane. Often there is a hidden beauty in things, or they spark some creative imaginings. Check out how a painted circle on a road led Alisa Burke to create this I have to think all my meandering will end up in my art somehow.

I am so happy my painting "dig freedom" found a home. Yes! looks familiar!

It's the same girl that I am using for my embroidery.

"shiny pretty things"

I changed the way the beads were hung. The jet teardrop beads are meant to represent bombs dropping. I think visually and conceptually I am much happier with how they are hung now than before. The concept is how children often mistake cluster bombs for toys. I am happy to see that now the  Worldwide Cluster-Bomb Ban Comes Into Force.
Unfortunately there are thousands of unexploded bomblets leaving a "long-term legacy of explosive contamination."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Art of Hurt

I had to share this video by Thierry Alexandre because as creepy as it is, it really captures the essence of horror of a situation that so many fear or face.

Sometimes art like this is so ugly, but the ability to manifest the raw essense of something into an art piece is something I admire and strive for. Kiki Smith's work does this too, sometimes it makes one cringe but it speaks volumes.

I am struggling with this one piece. I don't think it even compares with artists like Kiki or Theirry, but have to keep trying.

"shiny pretty things"
linen, oil paint, embroidery, button, beads, lace, resin and acrylic on mdf

I special ordered the jet teardrop beads because they remind me of bombs, but I'm not happy with the way I attached them. I almost feel they need to be more random and different lengths. Also not happy with the background either. I feel like it needs something, but not sure what. My friend says once I use a colour to stitch the piece to the panel it might help. So off to the studio to rework this and stitch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Finds: Old Victorian Birdcage and FAF

Again I have to thank Jafapal Karen for pointing this out at the charity shop.  It's listed as a victorian cage on the Cages Through The Ages. Whether it's an antique or not is hard to tell or how much it's worth, but I  am LOVING this find.

A different kind of find

Heart painting on wood by jafagirls

mmm, not sure why but my camera did something wierd and all my pics are blue.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Retro Wednesday: pyrex and aprons

Went thrifting with  jafapal Karen after we had a smack bang curry lunch (told you I LOVE curry).  She knows I keep my eyes out for pyrex and saw this one "garden medley" on the shelf. What a find and in the original box too. According to Pyrex Love this particular one is fairly uncommon.

Can you guess what will be going into this baby, yep curry LOL!
but I won't be wearing this

McCalls Spring Summer 1972

Meanwhile in Jafabrit's Studio
I am struggling to put the finishing touches to "shiny pretty things".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

Evil Bunny but

acrylic, nail polish on mdf

Not really!
It's based on an ornamental rabbit above the back door of the Cathedral Buildings on Dean Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The doorway faces the back of St.Nicholas Cathedral and Amen Corner.
Nobody actually knows the origin but there is a theory, Vampire Rabbit Theory.

Designed by Oliver & Leeson circa 1901

It's gone through some colour changes, in 1988 it was white, and grey, and in 2008 it was painted black.

Get into Newcastle Advert

Yellow Springs may not have the architecture, but it will have the bunny, goes up on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Transfixed by the Masters

I remember it vividly, that moment when for the first time I was truly transfixed by a painting.

I was fascinated by the light on the train and how the brush strokes and seemingly ambigous scene there was so much to see.
It's not the first painting I remember, but it is the first to really grab me.
What about you?

Copying the Masters

Cropped version of The Fortune Teller by Georges de La Tour
Original on the left, copied version on the right I did in 2000

One of the things that I found very beneficial in  helping develop my painting and drawing skills was to follow the old tradition of copying masters. It really sharpens the eye to colours, layers, brush strokes, etc and that is where the value is.
I just couldn't get the subtlety of the skin tones, but I really enjoyed trying.

"You have to copy and recopy the masters," Degas insisted, "and it's only after having proved oneself as a good copyist that you can reasonably try to do a still life of a radish."

I've never painted a radish,maybe I should!

Monday, August 02, 2010

photographers beware

You're reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally posted on Jafabrit's Art. 
Thank you for dropping by.

No, NOT of Phineas, my studio dog,
but what happens when you photograph

Image source: Anthony Graber's Video Still
 The young man, a staff sergeant in the Maryland Air National Guard, who videotaped am unidenfied police officer with his gun drawn is facing 16 years in prison.


Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse, Unless You're in Law Enforcement

From The Washington Post:Freedom of photography: Police, security often clamp down despite public right

I think I will stick to taking pics of Phineas Phallis in the Studio.

Evil Eye Zentangle

Nazar Bonjuk also known as Evil Eye

Thought I would play a little more with doodling (or as some call zentangles) and wanted to create a design for a project the jafagirls are working on.

An excellent resource for those doing zentangles is a book called The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones The Classic Encyclopedia of Design and Decorative Art.

Doodling History
For those into retro; back in the 60's and 70's doodle art was very popular with kits for those who wanted to just colour in readymade posters. 

Wiki article about doodling states that "According to a study published by Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling helps a person's memory significantly. The study was done by Professor Jackie Andrade, of the School of Psychology at the University of Plymouth. "

I can't help but think of Gustav Klimt's work in regards to repetative patterns he incorporated into defined spaces within a painting.

"Death and Life"

and some of