Thursday, January 30, 2014

Painting Lemons

cut lemon
Yummy Lemons!
 I had fun photographing them and much easier than painting them.
I found this old oil painting yesterday.
 I did it over 15 years ago and hated it, ripped it out of the canvas and threw it in the closet.I liked how I painted the bowl but I hated the lemons and I thought the painting static and boring. Maybe some find painting lemons easy but I found them to be difficult to paint. It's just yellow, right?  Well that is where it gets a bit dodgy.

So I did a quick study in my sketchbook to see if I still found them a challenge. The answer is YES! I think I will try and do a few more drawing and painting studies of them. Now if I could just get them to look like Willem Claeszoon Heda's YUMMY lemons or like Manet's.

If you want to try your hand at painting lemons here is a lovely painting demo by Noah Layne and here is a video by Rachel Shirley

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Local Art Friends create cheeky app for itunes

An entertaining alphabet app for children 
created by Michael, Joanne, and their sons.
Featuring illustrated letter shapes emitting hilarious back-end body sounds, the interactive alphabet.
More about it here.

LOL, Toot-Torial

I wrote on my sidebar that my blog is also about all the things that inspire me, that includes all my art friends and people around me. It was Michael who introduced me to Posterman Paint Markers and it was Joanne that got us puckering on the local radio ;)

Surrounding Yourself with Creativity
I thought this quote from Enrico Moretti, "the reason you move from Ohio or Israel to Silicon Valley is to be where the action is": interesting in the article Why Your Friends Shape Your happiness, Creativity, and CareerInteresting because I live in a village of 3,500 in Yellow Springs, Ohio and I have never seen so many amazing writers, filmmakers, artists, innovators, concentrated into such a small area. 
Local resident Julia Reichert is being nominated for an Oscar again; I believe it is her fourth nomination.
Nice article and I like the author's, Drake Baer, opening sentence. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Million Dollar Company Funny Copyright Notice Response: Long Live the Meme

Those were the parting words of a website owner and British author in a short email correspondence.
Oh, yes, groan, it's my spin painting white blossom AGAIN.

I politely asked that he remove this users image as per their TOS rules. I guess he wanted to use his Oxford First Class Psychology Degree on me because his response was classic.
Some of my friends wanted me to write back  and say, "So you want artists to not be paid, you don't care if their images are stolen"  or "you would people did not make a living" is this correct?"

He knows! he is an author and website owner who understands copyright (his website TOS rules make that clear). He also knows artists like to be paid, after all he has a book on Amazon that has copyright material stamped on it and costs £28.99.  He knows all about moral rights.

Considering that his site is going into partnership with Cambridge University Press,  received $5.1 million in funds back in 2012, and his company is estimated to be worth $1,718,316.00, the response to my copyright notice is pretty shocking.

Did he remove the image?
Yes, although it took another email to let him know that it had been registered with the US Copyright Office and I was giving him a chance to remove it before a dmca notice was filed with google search and his webservers.


Had to add this. someone asked me what this education site was teaching, theft?
It's an Educational site teaching English and memory skills and how to say theft in over 200 languages ;)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Shots and Evil Snowman

winter photo yellow springs ohio c.bayrak
ohio state toy
Cemetery Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio
This Ohio State Garden Gnome just looks so darned cute and I wouldn't want Ikea doing this to it. However are some horrendous images in children's video games, tv shows, news, and cartoons, and well I really wonder at going to all the trouble to lodge complaints against a few naughty gnomes in an ad. 
I don't know who did the snow buddha 
cemetery street winter scene yellow springs
but what fun to drive by this
thank you

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

LOL! yes Bring Me the Head of Damien Hirst

About Bring the Head of Damien Hirst
sponsored by the Arts Council England 
and Castlefield Gallery Agency

"The Renaissance provided a formula regarding an Art hierarchy with money and authority at the top. When an artists skills were brought to the attention of a grand Duke or a Pope, large commissions ensued. These jobs were too large or in too great a number for one Artist; so assistants' were employed to execute the Artist's vision. Today we still have that process in effect and in no small part by Damien Hirst. ......In recent years we have seen the rise of the collector and new heights of recognition for the curator, neither of whom are exclusively involved in the act of making but their input and influence has helped reshape the visual arts landscape. The institutions, curators and collectors are for Shields, playing the roles of the new popes."

anyway considering the theme of the exhibit there is an irony that an image mistakenly attributed to him is being used for the exhibit poster. 
Everybody else gets credit for my spin art painting image except MOI, eh!
NOTE: I have spoken to the artist by the way and this is a sanctioned use of my spin art painting image for the poster.

Talking about Hirst's Assistants, one company website has used my image to spotlight an employee who worked as Hirst's assistant for 4 years.  I would have figured if she had worked for him for 4 years she would know the "spin painting white blossom" isn't his ;)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Eyebombing: Snow Heads

winter scene
Seems I am not the only one in the family that wants to have fun with eyebombing, or perhaps that is what happens when your significant other gets stuck in the house too long ;)
fun with googly eyes
Either way we had fun going out and playing in the snow and entertaining ourselves. 
eyebombing by jafabrit

Snow Cat

Not so much fun to go out today though, it's 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snik: Amazing Stencil Painting

I have been enjoying seeing Snik's work for a long time and he continues to blow my mind, not just visually but technically. I can barely do a 2 or 3 layer stencil but this portrait of Sir Ian Mckellon 
sir ian mckellan portrait
based on photo by Jon Cartwright
used 8 layers of intricate cutting.Figuring out the value ranges and deciding which stencil layer to spray is a skill I respect.

Images used with permission of the artist

Snik said it took about 2 weeks to cut the stencil and the final piece was sprayed painted onto a found piece of wood.
You can find snik on fb or instagram

 video about SniK by Adrian Ensor

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If you wish you use the images please contact the artist ~ thanks

Monday, January 20, 2014

Watermarking is UGLY

Welcome to jafabrit's art.
Today my task is to put a positive spin on things. 

Yes some people think it's ugly and unprofessional, but there are a couple of reasons why you should consider doing it.

Here is the legal reason
It shows others it is © and if someone removes it it shows an intent to infringe.

I had mine smack in the middle of my spin painting set pic. It probably will end up on George's hard drive as one of those bloody AWFUL watermarks ;) but I was tired of scraper sites grabbing my images last year. Predictably somebody or something grabbed my re-uploaded image from image search (since I have a no right click here and I didn't post this ANYWHERE else) and posted it on a magazine site. This magazine had it on their page Nov, 29th 2013  but by 4th December 2013 the page had been changed completely and my image removed. Glad someone is paying attention.

GREAT write up about the "watermark" debate by MissAniela
and yes I agree with the placement of the watermark being discreet and to the side, in principle. More examples on Pixlr. 

The non legal reason
I really like what Stephanie Farrell wrote on her blog about how when an artist paints a picture they sign it. I also struggled with the idea of watermarking for years until last year. I sell my work, and I licence my images but how are people going to know that if they see my images floating around the net with no reference. So for marketing reasons, and for letting people know who did the work it's a good idea. Also it helps avoid having your art  accidentally attributed to famous artist

Just as an aside I found my spin art on this site and no it is NOT for sale.
spin art painting set
But if you would like to use my image
talk to me.

How to Watermark on About.Com

Saturday, January 18, 2014

SnowFlowers and Screensaver

yellow springs bike trail
Yellow springs Bike Trail

Tried to go to Xenia and had to turn back but the snowing was just too beautiful to ignore and out came my trusty little camera.

My new fave Screensaver 

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 I hope you enjoyed my photograph and if you wish to use it, please just ask :) 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Scalloped Buttonhole Stitch

project gutenberg book of needlework

I am working on a small piece and decided that I wanted to use scalloped buttonhole stitch on a small section. I have never done it before, so out came the instruction book and a little sample piece
Not brilliant, but it's a start.

Basic Stitch
For more tips on the ways the stitch can be used please do check in with Mary Corbet at Needle 'n Thread.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Art comes Full Circle

Work In Progress

I've been experimenting with the idea of incorporating doll images into various backgrounds and have been quite fascinated with some of the big eyed images/dolls inspired by anime, and the early dolls of the 7o's. I am sure some of you must recognize the severely cropped image of Picasso's Guernica (I call this experiment "Geurnica and the Innocents" in reference to the children lost in wars).
The doll is based on a blythe type image.
The Blythe doll was created in 1972 which was reportedly inspired or modeled after the drawings of Margaret Keane. Since then there have been many copies, variations, replica dolls, etc. Many artists such as Sas Christian (whose work was inspired by anime), Mark Ryden (since we are talking about Mark Ryden here is a disco doll with one of his books), and Caia Koopman, use big eyes in their work.

Margaret Keane
To see a collection of her visit the Keane Eyes Gallery.

Big Eye Art at this Flickr Pool is fun.

So now we come full circle and I am doing a variation of a variation on a old record adding my own twist, hope you like it.

It's illegal to hunt camels in Arizona

Thieving Birds, Attribution and Textile Art

First time I saw this thieving bird, Sam, in this funny news clip from Scotland, it had me in stitches. 

I don't mind THOSE type of thieving birds, but I do mind the ones that abuse copyright or share images indiscriminately. Someone sent me this photo and knowing my love of street art, birds & textile art this really made me smile.
clare sams textile art
Image used with permission of the artist Clare Sams
there was no attribution, no link. 
It really is NOT difficult or time consuming to find the source of an image;I found it in 6 seconds. I just right clicked on the image and did a "search google for this image", and it brought up 345 results for feral pigeon, with the artist's website being the first one listed, Clare Sams.  
Putting aside the thieving birds who just grab images to use for meme's, black hat seo, and scraper sites, if you like this artist's work then why not give credit where credit is due.
I'm glad I took the time to source the image, visiting her website is a real treat, especially if you enjoy seeing how an artist uses "knitting needles and yarn to document modern life".

Clare Sams Twitter

Another tip for sourcing images quickly
 source img bookmarklet.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yellow Springs Ohio Prints, Cards and Posters

john bryan community pottery yellow springs ohio
Image copyright to Corrine Bayraktaroglu
for licencing or use please contact me

This beautiful spring day photograph of the John Bryan Community Pottery Building in Yellow Springs Ohio is now available at RedBubble (minus the watermark) for posters, prints or cards.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Decorating with Ikea Curtain Wire and Clips

I bought the deka curtain wire and clips from Ikea a couple of years ago and never got around to using them until last Christmas. I thought it would be perfect for my collection of favourite Christmas Cards.
Now the holidays are over and  it's time for a new display, so I hung my old "can't figure out what to do with this" art project I did years ago. 
reusing plastic for reverse painting attached to metal
 They are bits of metal I cut in a workshop, and then glued pieces of reverse painted plastic onto each side. I have always loved them but never quite figured out how to display them, until NOW. When I get tired of this, I will find something else to hang ♥

If you have children at home check out this wonderful way to display your children's art using this system. 

Retro Corner: Then and Now from Ingenue AD to Fin Dac

Welcome to my blog, art of corrine bayraktaroglu, and a place where I love to explore arts, crafts and the world around me. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Ingenue Magazine July 1967

There are some things from the 60's I am very happy to leave behind, but I loved the cornsilk ad's back then, and still do. They have a stylistic appeal that continues today with stencil graffiti artists.

The one's I've done are pretty simple

one layer spray on yarnbombing        three layer bird on a cd

but there are some artists whose stencils are so layered and complicated it makes my mind boggle.One of my favourite stencil artists is  Fin Dac.

Image used with permission and ©FinDac

You can see more on his website on tumblr
If you like his work you can buy screenprints at pretty portal.
Image used with permission and ©FinDac

 You can also find him on finbarr dac fb pageFlickr or Twitter. I like his quote "I create my art to keep myself happy...if others like it then that's a great by-product".
Pretty much sums it up for me.

Artist Series: FIN DAC from Abid Khan on Vimeo.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hand Embroidery Transfer Methods

Two years ago I was given some Amaranthus Caudatus, also known as "Love Lies Bleeding", and used it to try my hand at solar dying technique (link included in my 2012 blog entry).
Seems apropos that I should use this fabric for my bleeding eye embroidery since the theme is domestic violence.

There are a variety of ways of getting a pattern onto fabric and I make NO claims to be an expert but here is a list

Permanent Fabric Marker
Vanishing Fabric Marker

Frixion Erasable Gel Pen is my favourite, here is an excellent review.

DIY Tracing Lightbox for under $20 
Window Method

Dressmakers Carbon Paper (tutorial)

Printing on Fabric using Freezer Paper
Print onto Computer Printer Fabric

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

In the News: When Corporations Profit from Infringing Copyright and joining an Artists Union

Sam Levin from the East Bay Express has written a lengthy article, When Corporations Want Profits, They Don't Ask For Permission.
Sad to say one or two of the companies listed in the article have used my work for promotional purposes. 
The article also includes information about Copyright Collaborative, created by my lawyer Emily Danchuk. 

 "I'm trying to unionize artists. A lot of them feel really alone in this," said Danchuk

I felt very alone and taking on major companies who just freely download your images (and my case Kudan Augmented Reality admitted it to my lawyer) have a slew of lawyers is intimidating on several levels.

"This is not to increase litigation; it's to decrease litigation, and decrease all the bullshit involved in going after these infringers."

Oh boy, have I heard some bullshit.

One of the goals of copyright collaborative is to "combat cultural acceptance of creative theft". Many just don't see the problem until it actually impacts them or someone they know personally, professionally or economically. 

It's not just an issue for artists, designers, and photographers; creative theft is hurting companies, organizations and clients who buy the services or buy/licence images from fraudulent individuals.

Just imagine on the most important day of you life, your wedding, and you hire a photographer based on his/her online portfolio and the images are NOT what you payed for.

Photo Stealers showcases a story of someone,Jwarstyle, who had used other photographers' work on his online wedding gallery portfolio. The infringer whinger took to twitter in a tirade.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Why I LOVE Posterman Paint Markers

Yes, amazing!  
They don't smell.
 The paint flows smoothly 
Never glops up or dries out
The paint is rich and vibrant
They are waterproof
They last a long time

You can us them on a variety of supports
wood, plastic,metal, stones, glass, canvas

Added Note
Thank you to local artist Michael Fleishman who introduced me to these markers.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter Storm and Hilarious Weather Alert

"Out of the bosom of the Air,
Out of the cloud-colds Of her garment shaken,
Over the woodlands brown and bare,
Over the harvest fields forsaken, 
Silent, and soft, and slow descends the snow"

Winter Storm Hercules finally made it to our neck of the woods, and it's bitterly cold.
Soups on the menu and my fave recipe, mulligatawny from The Wanderlust Kitchen.

now from North Dakota
If you are easily offended by colourful language I advise you NOT to listen.

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stay safe and warm

Photography: Fruit in a Bowl and Tea Time

Welcome to my blog jafabrit's art. I hope you enjoy visiting. 
I love photography, drawing, painting and embroidery, and exploring the world around me.

Feast for the Eyes and Palate
Image available for licencing
Image available for licencing

I love thrifting/garage sales and found this 12 piece Bone China Wedgwood dinner service, Charnwood, last summer. Very old fashioned (discontinued line), but since I enjoy serving traditional tea now and again I couldn't resist. However this is't teatime nosh, but what I had for breakfast.

All About Teatime
There is cream tea, afternoon tea, low tea and high tea; high tea being called teatime (our dinnertime) in the industrial North of England.

How to make tea with the help of an expert ;)

Oh heck with that; I throw the teabags, pg tips, in the teapot. Big NO to microwaved water, it makes 'orrible tea and here is why.  Also one does not have to have their pinky sticking out pointing to Texas when drinking a cuppa and Fortnum and Mason agree with me.

Also there are a whole range of brilliant sarnies besides the tired old cucumber number. Okay! wait, err, this apple and cucumber recipe from the BBC sounds very nice. Check out lovesarnies for some ideas and if you are really really really curious who won the Sandwich Designer of the Year award for 2013.
However if you really want to go the traditional route, then here is a feast for the eyes Downton Abbey Style, YUM.

10 Best Sandwich Recipes from the Guardian
Lavender and Lovage: Stotty Cakes (not an actual cake but a Geordie type of bread).

Well, time for a cuppa and a good laugh.
see ya!