Friday, March 07, 2014

I am BLUE about Spring Blossoms

It's a play on words of course and about my photograph of Spring Blossoms from 2012. This writer has written a lovely poem about A BLUE BIKE, which is copyright to him of course.

He makes that clear at the end of his poem with two copyright symbols next to his name. 

Somehow my copyright has escaped his radar, or he doesn't care.
This organization's stated purpose is to "merge contemporary art, design and consumer-markets to generate awareness of and resources for women's and children's health." 

  A noble cause, but you know, if they support women, that includes not exploiting them by taking their work. I asked them several months ago to please remove my image. My image on Pinterest links to their fb page which generated 161 shares and no attribution.Do they think saying found on fb means it's OKAY? Being a Not For Profit ORG does not exclude them from respecting copyright.

I am trying to sell my work and by using my work and making it available to the public they are sabotaging my chances.

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