Friday, June 24, 2016

Painting on Stones with Zig Posterman Markers is Fun and Easy

painted stones, zig posterman pens
I have talked about these markers before, the colours are so lush and colours just gorgeous. They are pricey BUT they last a long time and are worth it. You can use them on just about any surface. I did give these stones a coat of varnish which gives a nice sheen.  

Jafabrit's Art: Why I LOVE Posterman Paint Markers

Never glops up or dries out The paint is rich and vibrant You can us them on a variety of supports wood, plastic,metal, stones, glass, canvas Thank you to local artist Added Note Michael Fleishman who introduced me to these markers.

If you are looking for a fun little project for the summer with the kids, go and grab a bag of  smooth rocks from Home Depot (around $12) You can use the pens right on the rocks or paint them with a solid colour acrylic and then doodle.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Getting Ready for a Six Week Artist Residency

with jafapal, Nancy Mellon, at the fabulous new Dayton Metro Library (Northwest Branch) and I am excited. 

A Good Yarn: Learn about the fun art of Yarn Bombing - public art in unexpected ways and places - from the Jafagirls.

Craft Activism Community Drop-In Artists-in-residence the Jafagirls invite you to join them for various art projects, including a collaborative installation for the Library. 

TUE, 8/2 1-4 PM 
FRI, 8/5  10 AM-1 PM
 MON 8/8  10 AM-1 PM
 SAT 8/13  1-4 PM
 TUE, 8/16  5-8 PM 
THUR, 8/18 1-4 PM
 MON, 8/22  1-4 PM 
WED, 8/24  10 AM-1 PM 
THUR, 8/25  7-8 PM
TUE, 8/30  1-4 PM 
WED, 8/31  10 AM-1 PM
 MON, 9/5  10 AM-1 PM
 FRI, 9/9  1-4 PM

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Club Cancer: Litmus Test for Relationships

Part Two
Believe it or not one of the saddest and unexpected side effects of a cancer diagnosis is the sudden disappearance of loved one's and people you thought were good/close friends.  For those who have faced this ugly surprise it can be devastating. There are a variety of reasons that this happens as this article points out.

Coping With Crises Close to Someone Else's Heart

"We all live in some degree of terror of bad things happening to us," said Barbara M. Sourkes, associate professor of pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine. "When you're confronted by someone else's horror, there's a sense that it's close to home."

I just call them
Selfish Indifferent Cowards

Illness frightens them
Illness bores them
Illness is inconvenient 
They don't know what to say

They feel helpless
They feel it's too depressing
They worry you will impose on them
They are selfish
They can be jealous of the attention you get
They are narcissistic
They are takers 
They are unable to cope 

They think your cancer isn't as bad as what they have had to deal with

They think you deserve it because you
ate chocolate
ate meat 
didn't exercise enough

Breast Cancer Support Yarnbombing from family
and friends ♥
My own bit of advice is that when facing a crisis one of the gifts you can gives others is offering them specific ways to help, and guidance on how to feel comfortable. It also helps to let them feel okay venting about their own woes, even if they seem trivial in comparison. Their lives and problems don't stop just because you got cancer, so encouraging a mutual regard for each other's lives is important in maintaining relationships. I found some of the information in this article helpful How to combat runaway thinking  and I hope you do too.


A special thanks to all my dear family, friends and acquaintances online and off. Your words of support, encouragement, help, gifts, from far and near were a reminder of all that is loving and decent in this world.

Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Make an Ordinary Stone Special

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." 

Ha! Ha! I love what an art friend, Chelle Palassis, said about these rocks, "Like rainbow undies for the rocks."

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Club Cancer: Last Treatment and the Role of Art in Lowering Stress

Part One
Not a club anyone wants to be in and thank goodness I am no longer an active member but now relegated to associate member.

My Last Radiaton
Can you believe that the song playing in the radiation room on my last day of treatment was by Queen. The song that became my Breast Cancer Signature tune, the song that my husband and I danced to back in March after the results from my lumpectomy came back.
I guess now I can say I kicked your shitcan and you got mud on your face. I am now cancer free and in remission.

Patient Notes
Going in the morning for radiation was a much better option for me. My energy level was higher after a good nights sleep. I could get it over and done with and then go out with friends, have lunch and then come home, rest, and then spend a couple of hours in the studio.  I had no time to fall into the rabbit hole of despair or self pity or give in to the fatigue (thank you my dear friends). The 30 minute commute was pretty easygoing, no fighting traffic, no standing at bus stops or fighting grumpy subway commuters. The hospital, Miami Valley Hospital South, and the staff were lovely.  I could tell there was a great deal of thought and attention to providing a comforting experience for patients which included well tended landscaping, nice decor/waiting areas, and art on the hospital walls. Not overly cheery, but pleasant and calming. 

The Art Connection
While my creative need isn't related to trying to reduce stress or as a form of therapy, painting a stone each day of treatment was something I looked forward to. It was the one thing I could do that I had control over and a time that helped keep me focused and centered. There were a couple of times I had no clue what I would paint and almost panicked. That's when I would tell myself NOT to overthink it and that whatever was meant to be on a stone would reveal itself, which it did. You can see the full slide show on the link under the photo. 
Radiation Stone Series Slideshow

My final act after treatment was to do a "ceremonial dumping of the stones" and for each stone I took from the hospital landscaping I replaced with a stone I found from my garden.

At any skill level, making art reduces stress hormones: Cortisol lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation

Whether you're Van Gogh or a stick-figure sketcher, a new Drexel University study found that making art can significantly reduce stress-related hormones in your body. Although the researchers from Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions believed that past experience in creating art might amplify the activity's stress-reducing effects, their study found that everyone seems to benefit equally.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Studio Notes in the Den of Jafabrit

I would share them but HAH I can't find them, my studio is a mess as per usual. My studio is like that movie Groundhog Day and it doesn't matter how much I clean it the next day it resets to chaos. However unlike my clothes closet you don't need to use a gps to find anything. I managed to find some space
in between painting RAD stones to start work on a painting of a doll. Not sure where it's
doll painting
going or whether it's finished or not but I am reassured by this article that maybe I don't need to worry about it.

You Gonna Finish That? What We Can Learn From Artworks In Progress

Nearly 200 great works of unfinished art are now on display at The Met Breuer Museum in Manhattan. Spanning six centuries, the works offer a glimpse into the creative process - from Titian to Warhol.