Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oil on wood with resin and glitter
Available at IN A FRAME

This is Halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I know some people hate black backgrounds BUT

Apart from the fact that it makes the images pop it is consistent with the way I work. Whether I am painting on stones, bones, wood or canvas it usually starts with a black gesso background. So I will give it a try for the blog a wee while. I did however decide to add a larger font for easier reading.

Studio NewsWork In Progress
Effigy doll for shrine Box
tea stained muslin, iron on transfer, embroidery (couching stitch).
Need to work on the other foot and do the head.
The door interiors will have stitched text on black dyed muslin.

Knitting News
Yarnbombing had this story about Stitches on the Bridge"All the knitted items will eventually be sold to raise money for charity".

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cultural Influences on Art

I remember an artist criticizing and dismissing another artist for using something in his work that was from another culture because he wasn't from that culture (his parents were). I found that not only to be incredibly narrow minded, it ignored how everything can influence what we create.

Tea, Heritage (Vampire Rabbit of Newcastle, family nickname spuggy, Blaydon Races-song, magpies ) the love of the Gothic and Romanesque architecture (such as Durham Cathedral) which explains the shape of many of my paintings/assemblages, Graffiti,

Michael Jackson Punjabi Style

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thrill the World 2009 Yellow Springs Ohio

The JafaGirls

The official headcount 133 people
I chewed pain pills like candy and had a prescription pain patch on my back and somehow I managed to get through 2 hours of rehearsal and the actual dance and it was
Dancing with family, friends and neigbours was a BLAST.

My daughters boyfriend took this video
thanks Chris.

thanks to Dj JuJu for bringing this event to Yellow Springs, and Amelia who instructed us.

Friday, October 23, 2009

ah! Poor Mr.Plato

Photo by Scott Kissell

He got chased out of the Little Art Theatre .

His eyes and teeth sneering
his cold silence were too much to bear 
"Deep into that darkness peering
Creeped out the patrons
made them despair
Scared the Staff
made them swear
He’ll take flight
I know not where!
Some would say, "I don't care"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skull in Stitch


long and short, satin stitch, couching, french knots
Stitch guide links from the Stitch with the Embroidery Guild

In other news I joined the Hand Embroidery Network

My next goal is to figure out how I want to mount this, or incorporate it into an assemblage.
I am off to ponder about it
and freak out
whether I will remember the steps for thrill the world
what did I get myself into

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rosemarie Beck: painting to stitches

I friend told me about this artist when she heard what I was doing.  Rosemarie Beck has been  translating her work into stitch a long time before I got my bright idea to do it. It is fascinating to look at her stitches and how she translated her painting style. You can see more on her website and better images than my photo from the small catalogue page (or click on the link underneath the embroidery).

Jafabrits Studio

Meanwhile my embroidery is coming along
AND I figured out how to attach the doors and what to use for the doorhandles on my shrine piece without spending any money. I used waxed thread to hinge the doors and two beads for the handles.

I thought this article interesting, but I don't think people ever stopped appreciating the skills that go into a work of art or craft, do you?

Has Conceptual Art Jumped the Shark Tank?
Denis Dutton
"We ought, then, to stop kidding ourselves that painstakingly developed artistic technique is passé, a value left over from our grandparents’ culture. Evidence is all around us. Even when we have lost contact with the social or religious ideas behind the arts of bygone civilizations, we are still able, as with the great bronzes or temples of Greece or ancient China, to respond directly to craftsmanship."

Award Stuff
I want to say thanks

to Robinsunne for the Award :)

AND a thanks to
Jean at Snap Out of It Jean: There's beading to be done!
YEs, eeeeeeeeeek! Jean sent me this MONTHS ago.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jafagirls gone wild

Okay, the jafagirls were goofing around as we yarnbombed the tree outside Art Happens in Kings Yard. Scott stopped laughing long enough to take the photo. I would have preferred knitted boobies but Nancy vetoed that, humph".
Anyway if you are in the area check out Scott and John's Gallery Art Happens.

They have a wide range of art to fit any taste
plus Scott and John are COOL guys

Scott is a fabu photographer and John carves up a storm
Dark Star Books on Xenia Avenue is now selling
Yarnbombing: The art of crochet and knit graffiti.

Art sure Happens in Yellow Springs Ohio