Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Art Addict and Setting your OWN agenda

OLD POST but so much still applies:
Yep! that's what I am, addicted to art. If I am not making it, I am buying it, looking at it, sharing it, getting it, talking about it, photographing it, living it. Here is a photograph of my fave ceramic dog I purchased from the Golden Nugget Antique Market in Lambertville, New Jersey, on my fave coffee table with a sketchbook study of the skull on the vinyl record painting.

I hadn't really thought about whether I had a philosophy as an artist or not until the other day. I suppose it grew from the time the Jafagirls started in 2005 as a result of a very disappointing exhibit we had. It was from that point we decided we were going to do things very differently.

Jerry Saltz states in his article about the general art market: "The agenda needs to be set by artists, not the market. ...Supply-and-demand thinking has to shift to production-and-experience thinking." source village voice.

Since that day in 2005 I just decided to do whatever I want and so I have had work in the local loo, on a tree, on a pole ,on the street, on the web, in an art vending machine, on a rubber cockroach. So far it has been a BRILLIANTLY enriching journey.

Yoko Ono
This is a woman who set her own agenda to become one of the most prestigious conceptual/reluctant fluxus artist's of the 60's. While I am not a huge fan of conceptual art, there are some that resonate and Ono's "cut piece" was a really powerful statement and a unique personal expression.
Today she is still setting her own agenda
Yoko Ono's website "Imagine Peace" and her MySpace Page

So how are you setting your own agenda and how are you breaking from the confines of traditional means to present your art?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

JafaRocks It at Watson Lake in Prescott , Arizona

Be creative with your life, that’s the important canvas”
 We thought we were just going for an hour hike HAH! turned out to a 4 1/2 hours. I like painting rocks, not climbing them.   

Just for the record 
I never leave painted rocks in State or National Parks

Still it was an amazing experience.
 “In photography it’s about that moment ....when your mouth drops open click the shutter...hello! that’s it.” Harold Feinstein
This was like a tree portal with rock guardians
Yeh! my mouth dropped open alright. The grandeur and beauty of the lake and the dell granite boulders that are 1.4 billion years old on the loop trail was awe inspiring and
Heart Rock
 humbling. One section of the trail was called "over the hill" and I am thinking YES indeed I am feeling over the hill LOL!
My photographs may not do Watson Lake justice, but I like to think following the words of Harold Feinstein I've  managed to share some of the awe.

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Bio of Harold Feinstein

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