Friday, July 20, 2018

Daily Doodles with IPad Drawing: The Rabbit and The Mouse

In Ahwatukee there are a LOT of jack rabbits and we get quite a few in our garden in the mornings. I never really thought about the name so I did a search and found out they are not actually rabbits but are in fact hares. Mark Twain seems to be credited for calling them jackass rabbits due to their large ears resembling an ass.  

Since sitting at my computer or crouching over my art table is aggravating my back and is a no go for a wee while I'm using my iPad to draw. My go to drawing tool is a jot dash, which has a tip like a pencil and really does a great job with fine lines. 
For those interested in the process I start out drawing on a pro fingerpaint app.
Then I import the drawing into procreate app to tweak and add layers. Once I’m satisfied with the image I may put it through a photo filter. This one went through two filters , mextures and distressedFX.

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