Dayton City Paper 2016 - POWA! to the people
Yellow Springs Art Council: It's Still Life
Yellow Springs News 2015 - #ysgram exhibit 
Dayton City paper 2015 - #ysgram exhibit

BLOG-Art At Play

Dayton Daily News 2012

Yellow Springs News  2011 - Their Art Bristles with Intent
LSD (London Street Art Design) Magazine - 50 Cool Street Art Shots - Global (Graffiti Alley)
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Yellow Springs News- In time for Spring, an artistic blooming on Dayton Street
Xenia Gazette 2010- Believe it or Not
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Yellow Springs News- The storybox Project
Yellow Springs News “the kiss” project
Yellow Springs Guide-part one and two
Amica Magazine Italian Edition your documents please
Dayton Weekly News and Culture- article by Jud Yalkut-Bones & Stones Exhibit

Crafty Crafty AiguaMedia : Embroidered Felt Chocolates for Valentines Day
WebUrbanist: Driven to Create: Hubcap Art Aug 2010
ABOVE Magazine: Image of Snowflake Tree Yarnbombing

Knit Simple Magazine Fall 2008 -Knit Knot Tree
Associated Press-Knitters Dress Up Trees
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The Guardian Uk AP Knit Knot Tree
Xenia Gazette-Knit Knot Tree downtown project
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USA Today and Washington Post
In Touch Magazine-People in the News
CBS News

Washington Post-Restroom Gallery 
CBS News-Restroom Art Gallery Opens in Ohio Village
Market Wire-ChamberPot Gallery uses Sitekreator to Showcase art in local Restroom

WTF Knits by Gabrielle Grillo - knitted poos

Urban Knits  by Simone Werle   carpe diem bench, 2 graff dolls  /yum yum pole

Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain

Wild Knitting (Children's Book) by Francine Oomen

Astounding Knits by Lela Nargi

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Seeing is Believing 

In the Loop: Knitting Now (image of the knit knit tree)

Drawing Inspiration: Visual Artists at Work by Michael Fleishman Corrine’s Paintings “Cat Scan” and “dig freedom” Page 261

Mish Mash Dictionary of Marmite second edition-digital (image of marmite shrine)

Fox45 Dayton News Source: It’s Where you Live Jafagirls Yarnbombing in Yellow Springs
BBC Radio “Up All Night” with Rhodd Sharp (Knit Knot Tree)
Dwyer & Michaels Radio Show March 2008 (Knit KNot Tree)
Npr The Art of the Loo (chamberpot Gallery)