Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yarnbombed Tree in Children's Book

What fun to see two of our Jafagirl yarnbombing photos used in this absolutely charming children's book: How do I Survive (Wild Knitting) by the most popular and successful author of children’s books in the Netherlands Francine Oomen.   I love all the directions, patterns and illustrations by Annet Schaap, just wish I could read it lol!

 Knit Knot Tree Two by the jafagirls and jafa cohorts


" How to Survive...-series (Hoe overleef ik…). In the thirteen volumes published so far, we follow the lives of Rosa and her friends. Rosa (11 in the first book, almost 17 by now) struggles with growing up, her parents and - most of all - love. Rosa and her friends extensively e-mail, text and chat online about all their ups and downs." source


RPL said...

Hurray! Congrats on having the Yarn tree published! Is the book available through Amazon? Are you given any credit?
I'm sure you're proud and excited.
How cool is this!


JafaBrit's Art said...

Not sure if this one is listed on amazon yet, but her other books in dutch are, not seeing any english versions.
I don't believe we are actually given credit in the book since it's a childrens book and it's filled with images from around the world (so not enough room). I did give them permission to use the photos though. Perhaps somewhere on their site they do?

mimilove forever said...

Huzzah and quite right too, your work is magnificent!...and what a brilliant title and subject for book x;)