Variations of a Theme

sketchbook drawing and collage of girl clutching flowers
It all started with this sketch several years ago with a collaged pelvis for the wings-which led to this oil on wood version on the left- which led to the reverse painting on plexiglass in black and white negative=which has led to the latest variation in progress on the graffiti panel.
Talk about milking an image, or recycling an image, but I just love this angel and why she came about and the thoughts that come each time I look at her and paint her. The title of the work is "dig freedom" and the underlying theme of the image is to do with cluster bombs in Iraq. Unexploded or dud cluster bombs continue to pose a risk to civilians, especially children. You see they are small, look shiny and children pick them up thinking they are a toy or a soft drink can, or farmers clearing land accidentally set one off. The title alludes to the amount of graves that have been dug. Several organizations are fighting to have cluster bombs banned, for more information please visit Handicap International or for information and links visit here.

Thinking Blogger Award

Want to thank both Angela and Domestic Minx for honoring me with the Thinking Blogger Award. Considering all the really cool blogs out there, it is a real treat to be chosen.

why do I blog and what is it that drives my art?

I will try to keep this short as I have answered this several times before and don't want to bore the heck of those who've read it already. Blogging is basically an extension of what I have always done, either with scrapbooks/family diary/sketchbook. I use this blog as a form of art in itself to visually communicate. It is also a wonderful means to keep in touch with family and friends worldwide, as well as meet and network with people around the world.
What drives my art is a love of putting into visual form things that move me, the smell of a studio, the rush that comes from seeing an idea realized, the meditative quality of the process itself, and knowing that I can create a quiet and sometimes powerful silent connection with the viewers of my work.


Angela said…
Great post! Those are basicly the same reason's why I have a blog as well. Although you are much better than I am at explaining it.

I love your angel and using the same thing in art is wonderful I think. It's your art. You should use it however many times you want. You probably already know that though. ;)
Thank you for writing about my giving you the thinking blogger award. HONESTLY girl, those of us who do read your blog are lucky to see and read your creative thoughts and views. I think anyhoo, the HONOR IS MINE! :)
Axl T. Ernst said…
Oh congratulations on your award hen :D :D Your blog is always definitely interesting to read
dinahmow said…
Yes, congrats on the award.I read several bloggers who've been awarded that honour.That probably makes me a savvy reader!
Philip said…
I share your concerns about cluster bombs - thanks for giving publicity to this particular horror.
Shez said…
Congrats on the Award.....always something interesting happening here....both fun and serious. Way to go!!!
You rock girl!!
That;s why you got the award.
Seriously, if you lived nearby I would have bought all your art from you as it left your sticky little hands. And you're funny.
And gorgeous. Blinkin' marvellous you are, luv!!

I love the pelvic angel. Milk it. It is worthy, truly worthy...
jafabrit said…
aww shucks thanks folks! don't I sound so american lol!

oh those cluster bombs, my heart aches for all those poor children. they don't even have to pick one up, they are so unstable a vibration can set it off and anyone nearby can suffer devastating injuries from the shrapnel.

minx if you lived nearby I would have to hide all my work lol! thats a great compliment, lets me know it is enjoyed and that is the bottom line for me (well I do like the dosh too).
andrea said…
This is the second time I've visited to look at this piece of artwork and I have to say that it totally attracts me while repulsing me. *And* it makes me laugh. That's all good. Art rarely has such a push-pull effect on me and it should! And hey -- Picasso reworked a theme tons of times and look where it got him! Do it some more!
jafabrit said…
lol andrea, I understand. It is a reaction I often hear, even from my own husband LOL!
LynClay said…
Your angel painting is so powerfully awesome!! The cluster bombs sound like another terrible thing about this whole war, so so sad! On a happier note, J.B. I am so glad you blog and yours is one of the most interesting to read (one of my faves) and a big congrats on winning the award, you deserve it!! Thumbs up to ya! :)
No BS said…
I like youse Brits... Me kippers and all that!
Susie Q said…
Such wonderful pieces...such meaning and truly makes one think. I share your feelings about the bombs. It is always the children that suffer most.

We are all so lucky and yes, I DO feel honored to be able to look into your studio and peek into your art and the stories behind it.

We had planned to spend the day in YS, studio has a way of shanging those plans. :( But I know another will be held in October right?? And we do plan on getting there long before the gallery and about.
Hope all went well...

You ae amazing you know....

jafabrit said…
thanks for sropping by no bs.

susie, in June there is the street fair which is LOTS of fun, then the week after art stroll. Keep an eye on for upcoming events or the chamber of commerce site.
Cynthia said…
I blog for so many reasons too. I'm not sure that I could pinpoint just one.

I like the fact that you're recycling images. I tend to think that this is how we push an idea.

The reverse paintings are really interesting. I wish I could see them in person.
Cynthia said…
PS,Thank you for highlighting the innocent casualites in war.