Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Art Addict and Setting your OWN agenda

OLD POST but so much still applies:
Yep! that's what I am, addicted to art. If I am not making it, I am buying it, looking at it, sharing it, getting it, talking about it, photographing it, living it. Here is a photograph of my fave ceramic dog I purchased from the Golden Nugget Antique Market in Lambertville, New Jersey, on my fave coffee table with a sketchbook study of the skull on the vinyl record painting.

I hadn't really thought about whether I had a philosophy as an artist or not until the other day. I suppose it grew from the time the Jafagirls started in 2005 as a result of a very disappointing exhibit we had. It was from that point we decided we were going to do things very differently.

Jerry Saltz states in his article about the general art market: "The agenda needs to be set by artists, not the market. ...Supply-and-demand thinking has to shift to production-and-experience thinking." source village voice.

Since that day in 2005 I just decided to do whatever I want and so I have had work in the local loo, on a tree, on a pole ,on the street, on the web, in an art vending machine, on a rubber cockroach. So far it has been a BRILLIANTLY enriching journey.

Yoko Ono
This is a woman who set her own agenda to become one of the most prestigious conceptual/reluctant fluxus artist's of the 60's. While I am not a huge fan of conceptual art, there are some that resonate and Ono's "cut piece" was a really powerful statement and a unique personal expression.
Today she is still setting her own agenda
Yoko Ono's website "Imagine Peace" and her MySpace Page

So how are you setting your own agenda and how are you breaking from the confines of traditional means to present your art?


Marcia said...

Your knit grafitti and those Free Art Fridays have got me to thinking that I should just drop off some pieces in the shops around old downtown or in the library or where someone could just pick them up and have a moment of pleasure finding/viewing/taking them home. My previous urge (which I resisted) was to make stickers and slap them up, which would have got me slapped in jail, probably. This legal type of guerrilla art sounds better.

Casey Klahn said...

A thoughtful and timely question, my friend.

I think the unease I feel in the studio is from breaking new boundaries...your post makes me think that.

Also feeling a little bummed that I am wrapping up two sets of works and I know that the next sets will be homeless.


You are an inspiration, JAFABRIT!

Undaunted said...

Here here, you are definitely an inspiration. I love the uniqueness of your art, and the fact that you just do what makes you happy even if it's just adding knitted pieces to a tree. You don't take yourself too seriously even though you have an exceptional talent, and that's what I love.

So how am I setting my own agenda? Umm... I dunno. I thought creating a relief with plaster and rubbish and my own footprints was pretty groovy? Oh, is that a rhetorical question? Hmm... food for thought.

ckw said...

wow- i just got back from an internet trip inspired by your yoko ono deal an our own agendas for art- imagine peace is a great site and from there i learned so much - my next trip in "real" life will be to iceland to see the imagine peace tower-way cool- i luv to imagine
thanks again-always a joy-- luv your voki-voice deal -too-
thanks again

Bill Evertson said...

12/08/80 - You bring me back to the date when John was murdered. K and I had seen the couple in Central Park but didn't want to intrude. Typical New Yorker's - We're not impressed with stars; even though my first favorite group was the Beatles. By the time we arrived in NYC, we were aware that Yoko was influential in her own Fluxes right. Your work on trees. in a loo and in general the street art is inspiring me. Thanks more than you can 'Imagine'

Lynette said...

Corinne, I agree with the others that you are a very inspiring artist and it shows in the unique and wonderful way you make your art!

painter girl said...

You are a very inspiring artist! I agree with everyone here. I look at your blog everyday and even if I have read the post I still am inspired by the images you create.

In answer to your wonderful question (though I need to do much more to make my own agenda) I guess the only thing I can think of is...every trip I go on I leave a clay piece somewhere hidden for someone to find. It started as a simple idea about 3 years ago when we went to Japan...much like free art Fridays , and now it is an obsession. Even on day trips I leave a piece...really anywhere we go away from our little area. Not much but a lot of fun anyway!

Art News Blog said...

I think the thing that scares most artists out of having too much of their own agenda is putting bread on the table and paying the rent.

Chasing the dollars influences the work of most artists, even though most don't admit it or realise it.

The happiest artists seem to set their own agendas. Theyre usually the most interesting artists too.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Art News I agree, and it is a terrible dilemma. There is an artist in town who works at a craft store with the sole purpose of supporting himself so he can go home at night and paint what the heck he wants to his hearts content.

Marcia, what have you got to lose eh! ;)

I have had to learn to stop thinking in terms of homeless work Casey (too discouraging). It isn't easy, I hate to see work that I have put my heart and soul into stuck under beds or hidden in cupboards. However I have changed what I choose to do, how many, and where I show it.
Lol! yes tis true undaunted, I don't take myself too seriously, although I take my art seriously. Hey, if doing a relief plaster with rubbish is your bag and made you feel groovy, then I say YEA BABY!

cwk, oh, glad you enjoyed my voki hee!hee!

Bill, how much more it must have touched you having seen them both :(
I am so glad you were inspired by my post.

thanks lyn :)

painter girl, I love your work and would love to see what little pieces you leave for found art. Plus where do you sell your work??

cynthia said...

I ♥ this post!

L.M.Noonan said...

Thankyou Jafabrit. I read your post to Nic and we are inspired by your attitude and the assertive stance you have taken. We are as I write brainstorming some actions we can take to wrest back the power. VIVA ART

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks cynthia, loretta. Every now and again I slip into the doldrums and I have to remind myself. In the end I don't feel I have much to lose and much to gain.