Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blogger: Dear Anonymous Commentators!

Visitors rarely leave a name or initial when they comment but somehow they think I should let them know something, and publish their comment. I have no clue who you LOL! 

Anon ONE:  In reply to your comment that after you left a comment on my blog you now get email alerts for every single comment posted on my blog. Please read this carefully; I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THAT, YOU DO, UNSUBSCRIBE sheesh!

Anon TWO:  You keep telling me my blog has been a major inspiration for your community project. Unless you elaborate or share who you are I don't see what I am supposed to think of that, flattered or something? You spam my blog with the same comment over and over sheesh! I mean how long has this project being going on, seems endless ;)

Anon THREE: This is hilarious, you keep asking how I made this BRILLIANT website. DUH! it's a flippin' template provided by blogger. sheesh!

Anon FOUR:  You have several times claimed I have spelling mistakes all over my blog, LOL!

Anon FIVE: what is with the commentators asking how they can contact me? My contact form is on my SIDEBAR, put yer' speckies on.
slang spelling INTENTIONAL.

Anon SIX: I can't offer advice to thin air. I don't know who you are, and even if I did why am I supposed to spend time giving you support or advice. You don't support me, buy my art, follow me and comment on my artwork and photography?

Anon SEVEN: You say you came upon my blog by accident, well of course you did ;) and  Bless your Heart NOT - you have bookmarked my blog too. 


Anonymous said...

Gosh, CB, I (personally) wasn't trying to irritate you by using the 'anonymous' button.
It's just that I have had SO many problems with my email getting hacked or jammed or something
that I've given up.
And there's no way to substitute my phone # ( I text! ) or even my snail-mail address.
(And I certainly don't expect you to have to make adjustments for us senior Luddites. ;-)

Anyway, got it. And my sincere apologies.

xoxoxo T

jafabrit b said...

LOL T, you always sign T ♥ so it's not the anon button, it's that people never sign their name or intital and then expect me to contact them lol.

xxx back at ya T