Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Hidden Gem: Montezuma's Well in Arizona

Montezuma's Well: A Living Desert Oasis - DesertUSA

The fascinating story of central Arizona's Montezuma's Well; a sinkhole, a collapsed underground limestone cavern filled with water located in Montezuma Castle National Monument.

Montezuma's Well is one of those places often bypassed as people explore the more recognized attractions in Arizona, but what a little gem of a place this ancient sinkhole and 1/2 mile paved trail is. The steep stairs 
down to the sinkhole itself was blocked off the day we went but the rest of the trail was fine. We were advised to watch the trail as a park ranger was out checking a report of a rattlesnake on the trail. Glad to say the only critters we saw were lizards and these.
We also walked down to the shaded forest with the biggest sycamore trees I've ever seen next to the small canal. The air was heavy with the beautiful scent of mesquite blossoms, and a welcome cooler temperature than the 109 degrees on the trail.
I could have spent hours sitting here, it was so peaceful and COOL, as in temperature cool.

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