Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting Your Nose Stuck In a Book


Residency Notes: Week two and we were are not quite as exhausted. We are finding we have to rethink some of our public drop in project ideas after the flower making session is done as they seem rather ambitious given the time constraints as well as age diversity of our drop in library patrons.

Well not quite, we are too busy working with the patrons and getting our installations up, but we thought it would be fun to use our old nose in the children's section of the library. Meanwhile back in MY studio I'm working on a small Americana painting.
Yep, wasn't kidding about it being small.
Oil on wood and 8" x 8"
The first time I saw a Big Boy was in Gatlinburg Tennessee the first year we came to America in 1978. I thought it was typically American, and wonderfully cheesy and I loved it.
As for getting my nose stuck in a book.
Off to read Gerda Saunders Short stories
and listen to the rain

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