Friday, January 29, 2010

Nosing Around Odd Crafts

"the aliens could be "right under or noses – or even in our noses."
Scientists Say

Location: Dayton Street above sweetie shop door
Meanwhile in Jafabrit's Studio
Some new textile art to leave around town somewhere
Questionable Crafts for YOUR Consideration at kraftomatic

Questions about Knit Graffiti

OutdoorKnit asked a very good question.
When do we stop?
What's the point if it is mainstream and no longer seen as subversive? "
My answer was, and I will reiterate here, that I didn't really see it as subversive when I first started doing it.I remember someone asking me when I decided to become a guerrilla knitter and I was floored. For me it was just another way, an extension, of what I have already been doing for a while, street art. I think, however, that even if it is seen as once subversive and now mainstream it still has value in that people enjoy it. I don't see me doing it forever. I am not a knitter. I am an artist who uses knitting and crafts for my art and like a lot of my art it will evolve.


David Howard said...

You comment about subversive reminds me of Bob Dylan explaining his music - and always explaining that he is not a protest singer but just a song and dance man.
The most common thing that scientist will find in noses are fingerprints.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Was he TRYING to be subversive or just singing of things that were important to him? I think he was right. As for the nose comment RofLOL! Me thinks you are right.

Bill Evertson said...

Jafa subversive? Like trying to have a fish describe water. I like the Dylan analogy; the fact of being creative is a bit of subversion in itself whether or not we're actually trying.

Anonymous said...

Good angle, sometimes just living your life is an act of subversion.

The difference is we will keep evolving and exploring the medium, I guess.

Love the nose, btw.