Who cares about YOUR copyright?

I had a dream last night of an eagle soaring above my head and I rushed to get my camera. I zoomed in and it was so beautiful and majestic. I was in AWE. I could even see the air ripples in slow motion as the eagle soared in the blue skies. 
Click! Click!
There was no image on my camera.
I was so disappointed
I woke up.
Eagles are a symbol of courage, strength, vision and endurance BUT what of the Camera?
It says on this site it is related to death.

Death! yes that seems about right.  

 I have had one month of painful discovery that has absolutely crumbled and killed 7 years of my art life on the web as it was.
Not talking about my art itself, that will go on, nothing stops an artist from creating. 
Like many artists I was told PROMOTE your work, and promote I did. That's done. 
Things have changed since I started blogging and for the worse. Various sites facilitate mass copyright infringements and companies with the power of lawyers behind them knowingly rip artists off or say oops, the vendor did it, sorry, now bugger off

The SAD reality is that in the end most people  really don't care about your rights.

Accepting that reality has created a new path for me, so bear with me as I struggle through and start a new journey on my blog.
PS. I was just told that if don't have my work registered with the copyright office then all I am doing is complaining about infringement.

I know this, however is there something wrong with complaining when one gets ripped off? 
I don't think so!
 It provides awareness of the issues that face artists/crafters/designers. Hopefully my story will be a lesson to others. I am trying to provide enough links in my blog posts that will educate or help others find ways to protect their work.
 At this point nearly all the sites that I have contacted have removed my copyright work.
no! not one person/company has done the decent thing and compensated me for using my art/photos.


Tam Hess said…
You just keep complaining!! If that's all you can do in the moment then I say, DO IT! That would be really rough having your work taken from you like that. What a violation, sort of like being assaulted. One thing you are doing is making people aware of this issue. I never thought of it until I discovered your blog. Now I need to address this issue and find out how to protect myself. Thank you for talking about it!!
jafabrit said…
thanks for dropping by Tam :)

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