Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Trees in Puerto Rico-Squawk!

A fellow traveler and I were fascinated with the way the many of the christmas trees were decorated in Puerto Rico. Many were covered in parrots, so we took a drive to The Lazy Parrot in the hills of Rincon thinking they MUST have some. It was a lovely drive but alas no Christmas tree parrots. The gracious owned did tell us where to find them though, at the Christmas Store (Almacen Navideño) in the next town, Mayagüez. I bought about 10 or 11 parrots and 5 small birds and somehow managed to squeeze them all into the suitcase, eek. Where there is a will there is a way lol! A fellow Brit in Yellow Springs, Karen, made me this super oven glove. Okay it is just an oven glove but there is something special about getting a present that someone took the time to design and make. She got a hand made dickie bird and one of those parrots all the way from Puerto Rico which now sits in her tree pictured below.

Happy Christmas
or as some say in the UK


Lana Gramlich said...

Happy holidays, hon. My best to you & yours for 2010!

Yellow said...

That's so funny as I've been collecting birds this season for my own home. My mother in law thinks it's bad luck to wear birds, either in jewellery or as a print on clothes, or to have birds indoors, except real ones!!! My intention isn't to upset her, honestly :) I'm guessing you'll have your parrots on display all year round, not just at Christmas.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hey, same to you Lana :)

Yellow, that is an odd thing to think, where did your mother in law get that idea? Is it from this old superstition:"
If a bird flies through your house, it indicates important news. If it can't get out, the news will be death."
If it is perhaps you can assure her yours are fake birds and don't count.

I think yes one of the parrots will be in the studio :) year round.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Jafabrit!
A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year way in advance to you!
Hope you're having a fantastic time.

Colette Amelia said...

belated merry to you! your trip looks like it was great!

I am enjoying all your bits and links and photos and music!

Hoping you and your family have much health, wealth and happiness in 2010!