Crafts: Felt Birds

felt, iron on transfer eye based on my painted dickey bird, fabric, paint, and buttons

Thought I would make a bunch of bird ornaments for the Nolaa Gallery while I sit and watch movies in the evenings. I can't get my teeth into a new painting series until I have cleared the studio of smaller projects and prepped the studio. Now if I had a lovely big barn with ooddles of space I could have several workstations, as well as my workbench and tools, a pot belly stove, a big soft comfy paint splattered couch, and maybe a cocktail bar. Oh that would be soooooooooo cool! As it is my studio isn't big enough to swing a cat.
Below is an old video showing the general state of my studio.


painter girl said…
Oh! I love these little birds. they have so much personality. And that eye, it looks right through you.

They are super cute but look like they might turn on you if you don't act right.
fun to see anothers studio. i had to laugh at the swinging a cat reference. hey what is that thing, a long skinny thing with eyes left of and behind the pig phone holder?
JafaBrit's Art said…
lol, that tall skinny thing is a lamb bone my friend Jan painted. She moved and I have yet to send it back to her.

I initially had a button for the eye painter girl but my husband and friend nancy said the birds were lacking my personality. So I used an eye I had painted on a bird I have on my shrine box.
sarahelizabeth said…
love the eyes too!
The birds are amazing!!
I have been quiet lately, but, I am still lurking! :-)
I tossed you a little award on my anniversary post. One of the people who have influenced my year! No obligation - just thought you might like some blog love!
Susie Q said…
These birds are them.
How I loved seeing your studio. Everything in my home is tiny (Okay, except me and my hiney!) so small spaces just seem more cozy to me. This studio must suit you as it nurtires you so as to allow you to produce amazing things.

Love hearing your vlice again too...

Undaunted said…
Those eyes are scary! It amazes me how you can make things and watch TV at the same time! - I would miss half of the film!
I love the birds and the eyes you chose. My studio is quite small, and when I have several projects going I have to move stuff to work in each spot..... part of the problem is storing supplies and stuff that I collect for projects.

I am looking to find studio space outside of my home:)
Eyes, eyes and more eyes....on little felt birds. Such a joy to behold!
The Lone Beader said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the felt birdies!!!
Lana Gramlich said…
I love the little birds! They're precious. :)
Connie said…
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the birds!! Are they for sale?!?!?! I want to have one hanging over the doorway to my studio...which honestly, looks quite a bit like yours! I laughed a huge chuckle when you said your desk is actually a bit tidy today...that's what happens to mine too when I "clean up"! Thanks for the peak!

Peace & Love.
mwaybob said…
slap my sides and call me david the onion, these are scrummy!
Lynette said…
I love your dickey bird ornaments, they're so darn cool!