How do Knit Graffiti artists spend their time

I spend my time doing a LOT of things  and  knit graffiti is just a small part of it.
Nancy and I covered a watering can for the Tecumseh Land Trust anniversary auction and celebration of Whitehall Farm coming up Feb 21 (calendar info can be found at the Chamber of Commerce site). As with a lot of knit graffiti and knit projects, most of the pieces are recycled from other projects ( from the Knit Knot Tree or Textile Totems).

The title of the blog entry is in reference to baffling comments that knit graffiti spawns.
Leanne and Mandy are on the receiving end of those comments since their yarnbombing book hit the news. I'm not sure where people get off deciding how others should spend their time, what is a waste and what isn't, and how they should use their arts and crafts supplies. When I picked up the knitting needles 40 years ago I wasn't handed a rule book about why I should knit, what I should knit, who I should knit for, and what I should do with yarn.
Claiming that knitting for any reasons other than some proclaimed purpose is a waste of time is a pathetic attempt to dismiss something you don't understand or like.
Get Over It!

As for Yarn Art
check this out, they are just absolutely beautiful peices of work.
To learn about Huichol Yarn Painting or see some examples Huichol Yarn Paintings

E is for Elephant
alphabet soup for E

Oh no, gosh did you notice there is yarn on it ;)
The Lucky Elephant


CSouthwell said…
knit graffitti. what a ridiculously fantastic concept.

can i have a graffitti'd jumper?
jafabrit said…
Well if you stood around here long enough you might get covered in knitting and felt flowers LOL!
Colette Amelia said…
Holy cow! knitting police? I thought people had their hands full with thoughts, fashion, politics, and law breakers!

Some people just have too much time. perhaps they should take up knitting?

I love the projects they are great!
PC Nicholas said…
Ah this is better. I really love the knit graffiti, did not know that was what it was called. Reminds me a little of the patchwork quilt that my grandmother sewed for me after she saw it on Pollyanna. Unique
Anonymous said…

this is one answer to the question. Just in case you haven't already seen it.
mi gusta!
Undaunted said…
Those watering cans are so pretty! I want one!

I really don't understand the viewpoint of some of these stupid people. Wow, I can't believe how much that has wound me up today...

Sewing, knitting, and my word verification is mendem! Geddit? Mend 'em!
jafabrit said…
oh LOL mendem, that is just perfect undaunted. I dont' get the attitude either. As another artist said, do these people go up to sculpture artists and tell them they should use steel for building shelters for the homeless otherwise they are wasting their time and being selfish.
Lady P said…
that watering can is absofu*ckinglutely gorgeous and i am so glad that SOME people have the raw artistic cajones to do whatever the f*ck they want
jafabrit said…
thanks Lady P. Some of the knitting on the can is actually recycled from other projects. Doing Textile/Knit Graffiti has actually led to quite a few projects, such as the watering can, and the Yellow Springs Storybox project.

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