Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What! You like my work!!!!!!!!

Yes, Beauty certainly is in the Eye of the Beholder. I paint something I just think is the bees knees and Wham! it hits me. I painted "Bitch Pit" in 96 and felt quite chuffed about it at first, but after seeing it finished I realized it was absolutely AWFUL. It is gone now, hanging on some wall of a young woman who LOVED it and bought it for a very very modest price. Time hasn't softened my view, I still think it AWFUL, however I can see what I was trying to do albeit rather unsuccessfully. Thing is each horrid or unsuccessful painting has been an integral part of the journey to where I am today. That is what I remind myself when I do something that isn't working out, that it is a valuable stepping stone. So just as my last post was meant to inspire those to have the courage to be true to their artistic selves, this one is meant as a reminder that even when we don't like our OWN work it is an important part of our journey, and you never know who might LOVE it.


Rosa Murillo said...

yes, BRA-VO!
Do agree with all of the above. thanks for getting into my thoughts and putting them so articulately together.

Undaunted said...

Wow. I feel like you are writing this blog just for me! Thank you Jafabrit. :o)