Friday, February 19, 2010

Creative Meanderings

I certainly do that, it seems like I'm all over the place. The problem, if one can call it that, is I LOVE art! Not just making it, but seeing it, exploring it, promoting it. I have a new fb friend Sean D'Andrade who does collaborative work with his wife, Gwendolyn Healey, and I think their series very cool, particularly this one.
"Luring Disco Dollies to a Life of Vice"

I was lu
red! uh huh! I was indeed. Where do you think I met my dear husband 34 years ago? YEP! In a disco called GROBS (should have been called grabs I think) in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Look where I am now, in the USA, performing in the vagina monolugues and creating very strange art.


So my next challenge in my sketchbook translation is to try and figure out how to attach plastic over the embroidery sunglasses.

Doing satin stitch with gold thread is a right pain, but it sure looks nice.

Kiki Smith New York Times Review
I would have LOVED seeing this exhibit. The article mentions the show being inspired by Prudence Punderson's work which is on loan in the exhibit from the Connecticut Historical Society.

image source
"The First, Second and Last Scenes of Mortality"

I absolutely LOVE this embroidery because it's a personal narrative and a historical time capsule. The Quilted Architect was talking about symbols and creating a personal language and I think this embroidery is a fine example of that.

I love things a lot, huh!


Debrina said...

I love things a lot too! For example, I love your art! I especially love your painting but your embroidery rocks pretty hard too! I also love how you met your husband and what that meant as far as your life and art goes.

I love making small things, I've decided (and I have only just decided that now, btw, after finsihing another ACEO tonight.)I'm the queen of art for your pocket.

There, it's all out in the open now, lol!

Ha, you'll like this Corrine, verification word for tonight is: "spity" Now that could be a derivation on the word spite or spittle. I'm not sure which. I'd say the former, for, in spite of everything, there is always art...

Bill Evertson said...

Nice retro sunglasses. Nice link also to Kiki Smith; I'll have to try and visit sometime before it closes.

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you, for visiting my blog and for linking my blog with this post.

I was looking at the picture before reading the caption. The woman didn't look very happy...and I imagined that her husband had died. Life was rough.

This reminded me of something at the cemetary on Beacon Hill in Boston. There is a grave stone that is beat to death and has words of lament carved into it. I can imagine that the man lost his wife in childbirth who left him with five children under the age of 7...and one of the children an infant.

So in seeing this I thought about how was this woman going to work out her grief and disappointment.

Of course I went back and read the caption underneath...You are right though that it could be full of symbols...of death/rebirth.

Loved hearing how your husband and you met.

I find metallic threads challenging as well. You did a super job. Your embroidery is really so well executed I just love looking at it.