Friday, January 25, 2019

Corrine's Hodge Podge Soup with Bone Broth

  A collection of miscellaneous things 
The Base
Whenever we have chicken I save the bones/scraps in a large ziploc bag along with a bit celery,carrot, half onion, slice of lemon peel and then freeze. When I need to make chicken broth I toss the lot into a pot with a bit salt and pepper and cover with plenty water and boil gently for several hours. Unlike this recipe I don't use vinegar, but check it out for directions for the novice or the bone broth elites ;)

HodgePodge Soup
Medium pan of chicken broth
Two chopped baby bok choy
Half cup cooked chicken pieces
 cup sliced mushrooms
teaspoon sesame oil
Half cup noodles

Fry mushrooms in sesame oil
Throw everything into pot of broth and boil until noodles are done.
Sprinkle with chopped celery and serve

That's it, simple and very tasty. 


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