Sunday, December 16, 2018

JafaRocks:Faces Lost in Time

Have you ever looked at old photos and wondered who they were? These long lost faces in photographs who stare out at you, but there is little to no context of who they were, except you know that someone loved them once, they existed once. It often evokes a poignancy and a reminder of one's mortality and eventual anonymity in the timeline of humanity.  Millions of  unique faces and the only record of their existence is in a portrait, or a photograph, or etched on rock, or a bust, a death mask,  or recorded in a scratchy film.
I started a series of faces on stones with the intention of leaving them out for the public to find BUT that got sidelined because my bestie Jafapal Nancy made me promise NOT to give them away until I had done at least 50 and created an installation to photograph. So my stone series has evolved into several projects. Whether they get left out somewhere for the public to find or sold or remain in my possession is up in the air. We shall see how this evolves. Meantime I continue to paint faces on stones, and photograph them on collaged fashion magazine pages.I'm currently exploring other ways
 to use them too.

There are some who love the stone faces, and others who are indifferent and then those who hate them and find them disturbing. I wonder if those that find them disturbing feel the same way about faces lost in time in found photographs. The sad realization that they too will be lost to humanity once they are gone, a stranger, a blip in the universe.


daisyfae said...

i adore this series! would absolutely love to see this as an art show!

jafabrit b said...

Thanks so much daisyfae :) 💗

Anonymous said...

You are just amazing. Seriously.
I'm so glad your friend convinced you to do a series...I already love the depth of the
personalities, and I can't WAIT to see how the series has evolved, when you've
decided you're finished!

P.S. IMHO, you should def sell these. Are you numbering them? (Just curious)

Have a wonderful New Years. Looks like your move has been fruitful.

xoxo T

jafabrit b said...

And a happy new year to you T 💗 thank you for dropping by and your kind words of encouragement. X