Friday, September 28, 2018

Instagram, This Art Life and Jafa Rocks

For those that might be interested please do check out my instagram. I am there more often posting about this art life with scenes of my travels, artwork, rock art,  etc.  For examples of my artwork please visit my website.

Jafa Rocks
Breast Cancer Radiation Series
I've been painting rocks a LONG time, usually the more elaborate one's are for a special reason, a show, a special cause, or my Radiation Rocks. Some people knit, or sew, or eat snacks, or do a crossword puzzle while watching their fave show or movie,  whereas I doodle on an ipad or paint a rock.  In Ahwatukee there is a great group called Ahwatukee Rocks but since I travel a lot and like to leave my rocks in places other than Ahwatukee is seemed to make more sense to just call them "jafa rocks by jafabrit". 
 Above these are some of my earliest stones from around 1990's that were framed and sold.

Some Jafa Rocks left out for people to find.

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