Monday, April 02, 2018

Pareidolia: Snot Rock in Ahwatukee

There are times when seeing faces in things is fun BUT when I noticed my water fountain looked like a face I was NOT pleased. I can never unsee it now lol!
Before I even noticed the rock looked like a face I had made a wee cairn that someone else in our household (I am not naming names) laughingly said looks like rock had sneezed out some wee rocks, hence the name snot rock. Anyhoo, snot rock is sporting a lovely flower power hairdo.


Just for your amusement ♥

14 eerie 'faces' of pareidolia from nature

Most of us know there aren't faces on Mars or messiahs in our toast. Still, we can't help but see them. The human brain is programmed to recognize other human faces - so much so, in fact, that we even see them where they aren't.

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