Monday, April 09, 2018

An MRI and The Fabric Cactus

I was having an mri and started to panic as they rolled me into it and my face was just inches from the top.  I told myself, "close your eyes jafagirl, breathe slow, imagine what you want to create in the studio". 
Fabric versions of catci came to mind and by the time I'd finished exploring how and what I imagined it should look like I was done with the MRI. Finally after 2 years I found a use for the gorgeous vintage green velvet my friend Karen gave me.
This is a work in progress as I have other stems to add, as well as beads/thread, flowers and perhaps a wee critter. I'm not trying to copy any particular plants,  but rather imagining them and going from there. As with so many of my 3d textile art I don't have patterns or any examples to guide me, so I just make it up as I go along.  It will be one of several wall pieces for the Winds Cafe Exhibit in 2019 with my TAG group in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  


arlee said...

I love these--and what a paradox: soft and squishy when the real is so untouchable--tactile is deceiving sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I second Arlee's comment.
Too much fun, grrrl...

xoxoxo T