Monday, December 11, 2017

Faces In Things - The Iceman Smokes

Paredolia and as far back as I can remember I saw faces in things, just never knew the term for it. Judging by the amount of articles and websites, instagram pictures devoted to it I am not alone in this phenomenon.
 Happy Face by the waterfall in Glen Helen and it looks like he's smoking a stogie.
 This article below states people with paredolia are likely to be religious, or believe in ghosts or ufo's

Pareidolia Is Why You See Faces in Everyday Things | Reader's Digest - Reader's Digest

Have you ever been looking up at the sky and notice a shape in the clouds? Or do a double take of a tree because you can see a face in the bark? You're not alone; a lot of people have the tendency to do that. This phenomenon actually has a name.
How that works for me I don't know since I don't believe in ghosts, or ufo's, or the lockness monster.  

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