Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Vagina Tree and the Craftivism Sisterhood in Yellow Springs, Ohio

although that isn't what we called it ;) back in January when we did this.

There is a 'vagina tree' in Yellow Springs, Ohio

A tree in the center of one Dayton-area community bear an unique fruit: felt vaginas. Carra Spaugy, a deli associate at Current Cuisine, has noticed. "I just looked out the window one day and it was there," the village resident said. "It kind of popped up over the winter."

I have to admit I do find the response to the article interesting and words being tossed about such as libtards, hippies, classless, vulgar,  trans-phobic, disgusting, pornographic etc etc
and I have to wonder at the mindset of someone who sees a leaf shape as pornographic, hum!  Until the news decided to do a story 4 months after these were installed it was a non story, nobody complained, and many seemed to see them as  pretty tree decorations.  This was done as a creative way to privately represent how WE felt at the time of the inauguration and yet be enjoyed aesthetically by the public, hence the reason they were intentionally ambiguous. That it took a news story four months after the fact before anyone noticed tells me we succeeded. The interpretations/critisism AFTER the news article are four months too late. 
The direct response to a presidential candidate  by many at the time of inauguration was rooted in the misogynistic comments regarding women's private parts.

Nasty Women Exhibi
Women Protest Trump with Art
Protester Paints Grabby Donald with her Privates

UPDATE: 4.14.2017
Police Blotter Yellow Springs News

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