Friday, April 21, 2017

Birthday and Cancer Exhibit

It wasn't planned this way, but I suppose it is fitting that the reception for my show with bestie and jafapal Nancy about Art and Cancer should fall on the my birthday. Last year it was filled with fear and uncertainty.

35th POST
I ate leftover cake for breakfast, HAH!
My son and dil sent me an ice cream cake for my birthday yesterday. I thought to myself this morning "hum! I bet it fits in with my oncologists calcium recommendations, right!!!! yeh, riiiiiight!!!!
 Meanwhile still waiting for radiation treatment to start.

This year I celebrate being HERE, and treasuring all those dear family, friends and community support.
 My gift is to pay it forward. 
 I leave you with my favourite video
the beautiful thoughts and memories it inspires

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Anonymous said...

Love IZ.

That was my son's favorite song (n vid), too...