Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pinkwashing and In the Pink for the Cure - NOT

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I was asked by a reporter if my Bosom Buddy exhibit was related to Breast Cancer Awareness. My answer was no as there is already plenty of awareness when it comes to needing mammograms. There is no doubt that going for my mammogram saved my life BUT that's because I happen to be one of those people that just had the garden variety type of breast cancer and it hadn't spread at that point. I am not knocking the importance of educational outreach and prevention but the big mistake that I think so many make is assuming that supporting pink awareness helps breast cancer patients. As this blogger at pink is complicated wrote; "everyone looks at prevention, but in doing so we are abandoning almost 600,000 Americans dying every year of this disease."  Thousands of dollars pour into the pink campaign but very little actually goes into research and "for the cure" part. If you wish to see a breakdown chart check out PINKWASHED. Huge profits are made by selling us pink stuff, and it might make some feel good to buy a pink kitchen utensil (made in china) for example BUT it's not helping the cure, it's not helping research and it's certainly not helping those (metastic breast cancer patients) who continue to be neglected by the feel good war on breast cancer. 

Critical Questions to Ask

The National Cancer Institute article on Contributing to Cancer Research.

Pink Ribbon Blues - how a billion dollar industry awareness raising is undermining women's health. By Gayle Sulik Ph.D

Charity Recommendations for Breast Cancer

On a local level, (Dayton Ohio) I would like to give a huge shout out to the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance 


dinahmow said...

Thanks for this, Corrine. I'll send the link to several de-boobed (their word) friends.
And I get some surly comments if I decline a morning tea for the Pink Ribboners.

jafabrit b said...

My inspiration is a dear woman, Ann Silberman, dealing with Metastatic Breast Cancer whose blog I visited a lot when I was first diagnosed. Her wisdom and humour and honest assessment of the challenges faced by Mets Cancer patients was an education.