Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Copyright: Band Member Claims Credit for Album Cover Design

This goes back a bit, but since a book on copyright, in which I am included, is coming out soon I thought I would share one story.
In 2010 I created an evil eye doodle in my sketchbook and then did colour variations on photoshop. After doing a reverse image search on google in 2013 I found this article using my design so I dug further and 
 to my astonishment discovered one of the band members from The Long Time Darlings claiming he designed it. 
 I contacted him immediately but no offer of credit, nor an offer to pay for a licencing fee and his apology felt flat considering he did state he would remove it from his blog and everywhere else but it's still on his blog. As for everywhere else it fell on

me to use up my time to file dmca notices or ask for removal. Whether the album sold or not is beside the point don't ya think ;) This album cover was advertized all over the search engines, news sites, websites, and various social platforms such as spotify, myspace, fb, etc.
I presume that people like to  paid for their work and get credit for it too, ME TOO!

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