Thursday, January 12, 2017

How Drawing Changes Lives and What is Visual Literacy

I draw everyday, either in my sketchbook, in a drawing pad or on my ipad. I can't imagine a day going by that I wouldn't do that. This one below was inspired by a news story about domestic violence.
ipad drawing, daily doodles
The Big Draw - The world's largest drawing festival | Drawing Changes Lives

 Here is a great video

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Debrina said...

Here in NZ we have the unenviable reputation of having one of the worst domestic violence rates in the OECD. It is worse still for our children. The government here has finally set up a task-force to ensure that the powers that be can start reaching out to women and children (I'm assured by one government worker that it is almost primarily women and children that are affected by violence) to curb these horrific statistics with real action.